Highly configurable summonable mounts with permissions
Hey guys Redmancometh here, and posting my first in a series of plugins.

This plugin is called "RedMounts."

What does it do?:
This plugin will allow players to summon a mount from an item similar to World of Warcraft. The player is temporarily immobile while the mount is being summoned. This way a player doesn't have to keep up with their horse; when they want it they just right click their summon item.

Who is this plugin intended for?
This plugin is primarily intended for survival or factions servers. It can be used on many other types of servers, but these are the primary servers it's great on.

What kind of integration is offered?
RedMounts offers integration with worldguard, factions, and CombatTagPlus. Currently the factions version it hooks is massivecraft factions, but if someone wants to send me factionsuuid I'll add that too.

Factions hooks:
You can enable/disable summoning and riding in the warzone, non-allied territory, or wilderness, all separately. If, for example, horses are disabled in the warzone the player will be auto-dismounted upon entering warzone, and cannot summon it there.

When it's disallowed in non-allied territory wilderness is excluded, but any claimed faction (non-allied) land will kick you off.

This option is disabled by default.

This currently only hooks MassiveCraft factions. FactionsUUID support will be added in version 1.2!

Worldguard hooks:
This plugin registers 2 custom flags with worldguard for simplicity. The flags are "summon-mounts" and "ride-mounts." If "summon-mounts" is set to deny, but "ride-mounts" isn't you cannot summon a mount in the WG region. However you won't be kicked off your horse. If "ride-mounts" is set to deny players will be kicked off mounts, and cannot summon in the region.

This option is enabled by default.

CombatTagPlus hooks:
This does 2 very simple things: if you're in combat you can't summon a mount, and if you get combat tagged you will be instantly dismounted.

This option is disabled by default. Change use_combat_tag in the config for this to work.

What kind of Configuration is Offered?
RedMounts allows you to configure everything. Mounts can have potion effects, the horse's name can be changed, the displayname for the saddle, the lore for the saddle, ALL messages, and the time required to summon the horse.

Sample Configuration:
Each horse can have it's variant (undead horse, skeleton horse, etc), color (black, white, etc), and style (chestnut, black dots, etc) changed. Color and style are only available for the "horse" variant.

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