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Referrals v1.1

Give your player redeemable points for referring others!
A simple but efficient referrals plugin for your Minecraft server that allows your players to be rewarded for inviting other players!

The config is very simple and intuitive! You simply set reward names, amounts, and costs. The rewards can be anything from items, to performed commands!

When a new player joins, they can do '/refer ' to indicate the player who has referred them to the server. Then, the player who is indicated will receive a referral point, if they're online, they will receive a message telling them they have gained a referral point.

Players can easily check how many referral points they have by simply using the command '/refpoints'.

To redeem their points, they can use the command '/refrewards' in order to open a GUI menu with the rewards you have setup in the plugin's config. They can only redeem prizes when they have the amount of referral points matching the cost. When they click a prize that costs more than they have, they will receive a message via chat telling them the cost, as well as how many points they currently have.

Hope you enjoy this plugin, and a YouTube video will be added soon! :)
EULA: Standard EULA
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May 28, 2015 Published
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