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ReliableSpigot [Log4J Patched!] Affordable Cannon-Optimized Jar 2.4.4

[Log4J Patched!] The Best Cannon-Optimized and PvP Spigot Ever Made for 1.8.8 Factions!

Better Cannoning Performance than Hyperion!


  • Link
  • TNT: merge, movement caching, raytracing optimizations, packet optimizations​
  • Sand: merge, movement caching, raytracing optimizations, lighting optimizations, packet optimizations​
  • Explosions: caching, pre-calculations, calculation reductions, lighting optimizations​
  • Redstone: optimized algorithms (best-in-class!)​
  • Obsidian Breaker
  • Completely configurable nuke width and scatter patterns for each material​
  • Sand and TNT height limit​
  • Other assorted optimizations and configurations​
  • Link
  • Knockback Config (GUI & .yml file)​
  • Knockback Profiles (GUI & .json file) add/save knockback configuration profiles!​
  • Individually configurable knockback for: regular, bow, snowball, and fishing hook​
  • Completely configurable knockback from friction to horizontal to w-tap knockback
  • Configurable armor durability damage from swords and axes​
  • Configurable durability per armor piece and material​
  • Configurable hits per second/hit detection (also configure hits per second on player who has gapple effects)​
  • Configurable knockback/punch enchantment knockback magnitude​
  • Configurable Taliban Pearls

  • Link
  • Comes with a custom Mob Stacker plugin (you will be able to download on our Discord)
  • Comes with a custom Mob Drops Config plugin (you will be able to download on our Discord)
  • Completely configurable spawners​
  • Iron Golem fall distance​
  • Enable/Disable AI
  • Enable/Disable babies, spider jockeys, etc.
  • Link
  • CustomPayload packet crash​
  • Book writing crash​
  • Enable/Disable creeper egg place on spawner​
  • Enable/Disable footstep sounds​
  • Enable/Disable water breaks redstone​
  • Enable/Disable lava monsters/casts​
  • Fixed laggy/buggy Schematica printer (flawless printer)​
  • Fixed various server crashes​
  • And more!​
  • Cactus: merge, configurable initial age
  • Best license system ever made for a Minecraft server jar
  • Jar tampering/virus protection
  • Our jar has never been cracked ever since implementing the security
  • Configurable potions​
  • Configurable sounds & particles​
  • FPS command to hide entities​
  • Grace command with timer to toggle explosions​
  • Settps command to set TPS for testing​
  • Optimize command to auto-optimize the configs​
  • And dozens more!​
Configurations (100+ options with descriptions):
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Latest updates

  1. ReliableSpigot 2.4.4

    Fixed knockback enchantment knockback not being calculated properly Fixed PlayerVelocityEvent...
  2. 0

    - Fixed NullPointerException when spawning in Citizens NPC
  3. ReliableSpigot 2.4.2: Moved to latest Java version, fixed Log4J exploit

    - Added support from Java 11 to 17 - Upgrade Log4J to 2.15.0 (with exploit fix) - Fixed...

Latest reviews

The jars actually works better than hyperion and stellar. The only reason the stellar team has so many buyers is due to advertising not because their spigots are actually good. If you must buy a spigot, i suggest you choose this one since it really is worth it and is actively maintained by a reliable developer whom doesn't hoard people for money and keeps making new jars every time they go broke.
Very good jar for the price, would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good and highly configurable jar, this is it!
One of the best Cannon jars for the price. The support is unlike anything I've seen before, Reachy and Rages are both quick to respond to any errors I may find. I highly recommend this jar to anyone who wants amazing support and a jar that is absolutely outstanding in every way.
I used 100$+ jar before and ran to the issue that developers were inactive and I couldn't run the server anymore. I was searching for a new cannon jar I found this one. This jar definitely worth 100$+ I have stable tps, no issues with cannons, no issues running on the 1.8.8 Factions server. The community there is also helpful, helped to fix several TPS issues, recommended some plugins, and gave me one for free. 10/10 :)
Amazing cannon jar, Could be used for other things. Lots of features, amazing dev's very helpful. Extremely cheap for what you get. Best jar on the market for the price. You won't beat it unless you buy a jar $500+
Excellent fork, low price and good performance, recommended.
Low price and perfect perfomance.
Best custom jar file out there, hands down.

Great dev, great support.

My only recommendation is a raised price because it is worth it.
So the jar is no replacement for things like stellarspigot or hyperium at this moment BUT. The jar is being improved all the time and Reachy spends a lot of his freetime on the jar. I think it's worth purchasing now then waiting until it's a really good jar and the price rises.

also pretty soon I heard he's adding obsidian breaker and custom tnt explosion sizes so if you want 3 block holes like me I think this will be the place to get that pretty soon
The jar comes with the best support I've ever seen in my life. Hats down to Reachy for helping fix issues when needed.



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