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Responsive Server Website [HTML/CSS/JS] v1.2

A responsive server landing page that contains information about the server and games!
First Template Upload!

This Responsive Minecraft Server Landing Page (mouthful to say), includes an about section, a game section, and a server video alongside IP address! With a flat style and parallax scrolling, this website will suite all your needs in being lightweight, modern, and usable! To get started, download this resource, free for a limited time!

Editing and Configurating

Essentially, just know basic HTML. Using editors like Adobe Dreamweaver will speed up the process and help you a lot, remember to not touch the CSS or JS unless you are adept in those areas!

I hope you like this template, more to come later! ~Athys (MinecrafterShaun)

Latest reviews

Great template! Thanks for putting this out for free it's very professional.
Excellent template! I would buy this. Would reccomend this to anyone. Only very simple knowledge of html needed to understand. Thanks for this amazing free resource!
Absolutely! Thanks for enjoying :)
Great of you to give something so professional out for free, should help a lot of people. Nice one c:
ITs so good and clean and prof. looking. SO much love to you for giving it out for free! I would be a intermediate at HTML and gave it to a noob at HTML and he knew how to edit it! Also Adobe Dreamweaver is a great program!
Thank you very much :D! It will be free up to the 25th!
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5.00 star(s)
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Feb 10, 2016 Published
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