Ruby Enchantments Setup AE Config v2.0

Ruby Enchantments Custom Amazing Unique Config That Will Be Amazing For Your Server!
Ruby Enchantments Update!

Config name changed from MedievalEnchantments to Ruby Enchantments!
The Config is Using Late Minecraft Versions Now 1.8 Servers Don’t Work with Enchants v1.7!

[+] Added Replanter Enchantment
[+] Added BrokenHeart Particles
[+] Added Sneaky Particles
[+] Added Pyro Particles
[+] Added TeleBlock Particles
[+] Added MultiKill Particles

[\] /Enchanter GUI has been changed a little
[\] All the Groups now use HEX Colors
[\] Secret Dust Remade
[\] Mystery Dust Remade
[\] Magic Dust Remade
[\] Unopened Books Remade
[\] Black Scrolls Remade
[\] White Scrolls Remade (Also Use Hex Color Now)
[\] Rename Tag Remade (Also Use Hex Color Now)​
1.17 Changelog Update

[\] Fixed Transmog Scroll description
[\] Fixed customenchants.yml /enchants enchants id
[\] Fixed some enchantments "Type" text​
1.6 Changelog Update

[+] Added NightLord Enchantment
[+] Added Unwanted Enchantment
[+] Added Bowmaster Enchantment
[+] Added TurmoilEnchantment

[\] Changed on config.yml enchantment-book material id for newer versions
[\] Updated Halloweenify enchantment, changed the chance & cooldown changed a bit the code and added new sound effect
[\] Added to all the files "created by feliz"
[\] Changed the ZIP file from CloudEnchantments to MedievalEnchantments

[-] Removed gkits.yml file
1.5 Changelog Update

[\] Aegis renamed to Adrenaline
[\] Netherling renamed to HolyBless
[\] EndMaster renamed to Exorcist
[\] Fixed Exorcist Lore
[\] Changed the amount of enchants on /enchants title

[-] Removed Bow from UNBREAKABLE (Broke the config)
1.4 Changelog Update

[+] Added VeinMiner Enchantment
[+] Added Bait Enchantment
[+] Added Aegis Enchantment
[+] Added Netherling Enchantment
[+] Added EndMaster Enchantment
[+] Added Rebound Enchantment

[\] Added to UNBREAKABLE Bow type
[\] Changed Hook type from Bow to Fishing Rod​
1.3 Changelog Update

[+] Added FrostWalker Enchantment

[\] MedievalPvP Enchantments changed into CloudEnchantments
[\] The Sale will be removed next update!​
1.2 Changelog Update

[+] Added Ward Enchantment
[+] Added Hunt Enchantment
[+] Added UNBREAKABLE enchantment
[+] Added gkits.yml File

[-] Disabled Souls Feature
[-] Disabled Gkits GUI (for now)​
1.1 Changelog Update

[\] I fixed some enchantments description.
[\] Fixed the enchantment Combo name from Como to Combo.

[-] Removed SoulWalker Enchantment (Will be added in the future, it can't work at the moment)
[-] Removed Thor Enchantment (Same Effect like MortalStrike)​
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