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SavageFactions- Take FactionsUUID to the next level 1.5.7

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f upgrades, f warp gui, f checkpoint, and many more features to come!
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Latest reviews

Do not use this! That plugin spammed unlimited errors in console!
Savage is buggy like hell. Don't waste your time on sth you can not use ! The support is very bad and they tell you straight that they are not interested in fixing bugs. They obviously got a business on the side, where they sell premium addons to fix bugs they dont (or maybe deliberatly add ?).

I tried to contact them regarding the crappy ftop and asked if they would review and add my additions. They declined and recommended me a Plugin for Money for 20% off to fix something where I had the code for.

If youre looking at operating a serious Server, DONT USE this. I recommend FactionsUUID or MassiveCore instead.
yeah this is a old version of the plugin which I do not update anymore. Why would I work on it. I forked FUUID
Cool plugin but what is permission for /f setwarp command
Really good and useful plugin, the only thing I don't know is that do I have to keep FactionsUUID or do I remove it and add this new Faction.jar? I'd also want you to checkout my discord and my server releases on the 1st April 2018 I really appreciate you making this as this makes things a hell of a lot easier for me.
I have actually forked it and made it a ton better,
The one on mcm needs factionsUUID, but the one on spigot does not and it has more features
This is the shit! One of the best plugins I've ever seen, also do I need to remove FactionsUIDD or do I keep it and add this to the plugins folder and have factionuidd installed?
Very nice resource. Can't wait for more to be added. I would like to say, however, the Discord invite isn't working. :)
Can't wait to see more features added to this!
Its a very good plugin, but players can do /f fly and then fly out of there land and f fly wont disable
Great plugin, update this page as well as the spigot page tho xD
Amazing plugin. Hope to see more updates from this!



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