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ScenariosPlus | 35+ Preinstalled Scenarios | Support for Custom Scenarios 1.0.1

Versatile scenarios plugin with support for custom scenarios!

ScenariosPlus doubles as a plugin containing scenarios and a Java framework to allow custom advanced scenarios to be made from. It is unique from all other scenario manager plugins because it allows for custom scenarios to be developed and added onto the plugin with ease.


  • /scenarios - The main scenario command! All you'll ever need. Just type this command and a GUI will pop up on your screen. All you need to do is just click on a scenario and it will toggle.
  • Most other scenario managers have 1 problem - if two players have the manager open at the same time and one player toggles a scenario, it doesn't update both of their inventories! This plugin fixes that problem, and updates every player's manager at the same time.
  • Support for integration with custom scenarios.
  • Permission for /scenarios is scenariosplus.admin

  1. Apple Famine
  2. Aurophobia
  3. Bald Chicken
  4. Barebones
  5. Bats
  6. Bed Bomb
  7. Bench Blitz
  8. Beta Zombies
  9. Blast Mining
  10. Blood Diamonds
  11. Bombers
  12. Carrot Combo
  13. Chicken
  14. Coco
  15. Cripple
  16. Cutclean
  17. Depths
  18. Diamondless
  19. Double Or Nothing
  20. Eggs
  21. Enchanted Death
  22. Eternal Day
  23. #Bow
  24. Iron Drop
  25. Lights Out
  26. Mob Shots
  27. No Creepers
  28. No Fall
  29. No Rods
  30. No Sprint
  31. Not Shiny Enough
  32. One Heal
  33. Paranoia
  34. Popeye
  35. Switcheroo
  36. 3xArrows
  37. TripleOres
  38. Vegan Paranoia

Simply unzip the folder and place the generated jar files into your plugins folder and enjoy!


Firstly, you'll need to add the Scenarios Plus.jar to your External Archives.

Here is an example of the Main class of a scenario.

You declare a variable of type Scenario and then create an instance of a specific scenario with a display name (for the GUI and chat messages), whether it is enabled (true) or disabled (false), and the item that represents the scenario in the GUI.

The name of the item is automatically put in the GUI, so all you need to put is the item type and the amount (if needed).

It is possible to add extra data to the item like enchantments if you'd like, so that's why it's kept as an ItemStack not a Material.

public class Main extends JavaPlugin {


    public void onEnable() {

        Scenario cutclean = new Cutclean("Cutclean", false, new ItemStack(Material.GOLD_INGOT));




Here is the example of a Cutclean scenario addon class that will go with the above code.

Make sure to make it extend Scenario and put the constructor in. You can leave the parameters the way they are, you set them in the Main class for neatness.

You simply put the events in how you want and they will work. The getStatus() method should not be needed as events are automatically removed and added when you disable and enable the scenario.

public class Cutclean extends Scenario implements Listener {

    public Cutclean(String name, boolean status, ItemStack item) {

        super(name, status, item);



    public void on(BlockBreakEvent e) {

        if (getStatus()) {

            //Do stuff





  • More built-in scenarios!

By purchasing this plugin you agree that there will be no refunds given under any circumstances, and that disputing your payment with PayPal will result in your account being removed from the buyers list, which will remove any chance of downloading future updates.

By purchasing this plugin you also agree that I may take you off the buyers list for any reason, which includes if you distribute or sell my plugin without my permission.


To contact me please PM me here. Please don't put bugs into the review section or the discussion section, however I encourage you to put suggestions into the discussion section. I'm happy for you to put constructive criticism into the review section and the discussion section as long as it is constructive. I will try to reply to your messages and queries, but I don't have light speed support. Or do I?


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