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Skyblock Upgrades Menus! v1.1

A FREE And well-done Upgrades menu!

Hello Everyone, This is my Skyblock Upgrades Configuration. I've made this because i feel like (as far as i have seen) aren't any for free. And making these Configs are not that much work.

Therefore i am offering this resource for free!

What can i do to support me?
● You could give me a +1 rep! That would be really appreciated.
● You could donate me on mypaypal ➳
But no more than 0.50 please. I don't feel like it's worth anymore than that.


The main features as said before it contains the ability to let people increase their island! Aswell as their team limit. And i've used CustomOreGen (Free) for the Generator plugin. A config for this is added aswell.


Now some previews of what this resource contains!

Here is shown how it looks when you have all the Upgrades unlocked. It's an basic and easy layout.

This is how it looks like when you haven't purchased anything yet.

Question: Why did i remove the other items when you haven't purchased the previous upgrade?

This is because of the bugs with permissions etc, it's meant as a second safety. It's all checked and double checked so if you wanna remove this or change it. Then that's okay!

And as last we have a preview of the Generator Upgrades! I've purchased four of the five upgrades.


This is just the beginning of my free resources and configurations. But since everybody likes different colors i want to change the color combinations!

Different things i will add later:
● Main (Help) Menu
● Ranks (Example) Menu
● Kits Menu
● Custom /buy Menu
● Warps (Example) Menu

● You are allowed to do anything with this resource!
● If you feel like it, you can give me credits for it! Don't necessary need it
● If you like the resource please react!
● Bugs and such report them to me

As the end of this resource if you have any ideas or whatsoever which would be useful for this resource? Please send me a private message!

If you have any questions send me a private message aswell.

Latest reviews

I love it. Only issue is heads are just alex.
Good plugin, only - is that the heads are just player skins
I used this configuration as a base for my own :D
the best free skyblock upgrades menu. This guy helps me a lot when i have a bug of his config and respond so fast with bug i reported the , definitely recommend this guy
It looks very nice. The only problem i'm having with it is that it shows the last two island upgrades regardless of whether you have the previous upgrade or not. I've checked my permissions and they don't have the requirement.
Hey man,

thanks for telling me. I didn't know this was happening, just wondering why do you use different heads?

This issue will be solved soon!
tbh i didnt know what this was i just downloaded it but i saw it had a custom ore gen config its a plugin i tried to use but the config never worked can you please change these generators to island level and not permission to unlock or just msg me the eddited version would love it so much if you did ill add rep

First of all thanks for the review. And sure i can, sadly enough currently i am on vacation till friday. So i will most likely send you a config for it somewhere on friday or saturday.

Kind regards,

Great, buy the Blocks not shown in the gui
The first one is shown. Once you buy that one it will become green and you should be able to buy the second one

Notice: the permission have to run on Luckperms. I will be making a PEX menu shortly.
EULA: Standard EULA
4.50 star(s)
Average rating (7)
Feb 23, 2018 Published
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