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Slime Legs 1.0

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Tired of Taking Fall Damage when you fall?
Hi are you tired of falling and then you take damage? Well Then dont worry because this is a plugin that will prevent that!! All you have to do is add it to yourself. Super easy and simple to figure out.

Best for:
This plugin is best for Factions server's. You can sell it in the Donation Store for money to other players or just use it for yourself but its better to sell it in the donation store.

Commands for the plugin:
To add the slime legs to someone do /slimelegs add (name)
To remove the slime legs from someone do /slimelegs remove (name)

That's it! It is super simple and very easy to do.

Once you turn Slime legs on for someone then they cant remove it so it is better on a non McMMo Factions server or one that doesn't have /fly Keep that in mind I did warn you so don't blame me.

When you are adding the command to add to someone in the buycraft/Enjin do /slimelegs add {name} and it will replace {name} with their username Or you can remove it with /slimelegs remove {name} sadly only Oped players can do that to prevent people from abusing and stuff like that. But after you log out you still wont lose the slimelegs if you do let me know and Ill see if there is a issue with it.

selling multiple copy's of this. The Price will be 2.00 for this plugin! Super Cheap!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the plugin!!

Terms of Service:

By buying this plugin you agree to not:

Resell/Re Distribute
Not to use on other sever's/networks
If you wish to have it on another server buy it again
Dont Take Owner Ship of the plugin

Dont Decompile or mess with the code

Once you buy this all these rules APPLY

Please leave some FeedBack on this plugins if you did buy it and you like it. Thanks for buying the plugin and leaving some feedback!!



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