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Slot Limiter 0.2

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Edits gameplay by limiting amount of inventory space available

Follow me @bman7842 for updates

SlotLimiter is a simple easy-to-use plugin that limits the amount of slots available in a user's inventory. This was a project I completed in a day and I decided I really enjoyed it and wanted to release it to the community. I will be actively updating it so please report bugs OR suggestions to me.

So What is it?
It's a plugin that literally blocks slots in your inventory. I call them dead slots because they cannot be used for anything, this provides a unique playing experience as users must be more considerate about their storage space available.
Okay, now how do I set it up?
After you have downloaded the file (should see a download button either at the top or on the side bar) you want to drag that .jar file into the plugins folder.
Once that's done, start your server up and you're all set! The plugin will do its first boot and create a config file with more detailed instructions on editing.
Once in-game, make sure you are an operator or have sl.admin permission and type '/sl configure'. Then open your inventory and left click slots you want to block, once you are done type '/sl done' and answer the on screen questions accordingly.

What other commands are there?


That pretty much summarizes it...

'/sl done', '/sl configure', and '/sl update' all require the permission sl.admin to run, or operator.


Currently only:
- sl.admin, the main permission for all configuration related commands.

(more permissions to come in future updates)

Speaking of the future, any plans?

Yeah I have a few, I want to add more customization like different slot limits, for example you can edit it so that there are different permissions that you can give to donators so they have more slots available and other things like that. I also want to add MySQL support for those who appreciate it and many cool customization options in the future. Again, if you have any ideas feel free to tell me!

Developer Stuff

I would like to start off by saying I'm no "pro developer", I'm just a person who enjoys making stuff and I found this to be a good route to take. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve when it comes to development or just want to help out just find some sort of way to contact me (this discussion, private message, twitter, and others)

As for API and others, there is really no need for an API in this plugin however I will be publishing the source code shortly after I release the plugin so you can look at it if you like and see ways you can implement your own plugins to work with it.

Like what I'm doing?

Well thank you, simple feedback like "you're doing great" is always motivating however a small donation would also be much appreciated. I want to work hard to make good plugins however my current equipment is quite outdated and just plain slow. Any contribution helps, however it is not required. Thank you!

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This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license
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