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Small Nordic House 18Wx24Lx30H - Organic Architecture 10/6/15

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A small organic house, perfect for your nature filled, elven/nordic/fantasy/etc server.
File format
  1. World
This is a small Nordic organic fantasy house that includes a tree, swing, and treehouse platform, with minimal interior (that can of course be changed to your liking).
The tree is connected to, and makes up most of the main structure, while the walls have been built around the curves it created.
This house is perfect for your nature filled, elven/nordic/fantasy/etc server. =)

18Wx24Lx30H (not including tree's added height and length)
41Wx39Lx41H (including tree's added height and length)

Built by: WZStripes
I am a commission builder, specializing in everything organic.
If you have any comments, concerns, confusion, or inquires, you can contact me through these sources:
Skype: wzstripes
PMC: wzstripes
McMarket: wzstripes



To install as a schematic directly on to server:
1. Go in to your ftp
2. Go to your plugins folder
3. Go to your world edit folder
4. Go to your schematics folder (or create one if it's not yet there)
5. Upload the NordicHouse.schematic to this folder
6. Start/reload/restart your server as needed, and log in
7. type /schematic load NordicHouse
8. paste from base level (object will paste from your "feet" at the ground or base level you wish)

To install on MCedit:
1. Locate your McEdit-schematics folder, can usually be found by searching your computer for folders that contain "mcedit" in the name
2. Place the schematic file in to the folder then close.
3. Launch mcedit, and open desired world that you would like to place the scheme in
4. Click "import" and select desired schematic
5. Drag and click scheme box in desired location, then press enter
6. Control-S to save mcedit, you can now close the program and enter that world through your single player, or upload the world file to your ftp as needed.
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