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Spartan AntiCheat Optimized Config Build 168

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A very optimize config to auto ban hackers without any false positives.
Spartan AntiCheat Optimize Config

You must use the latest version of Spartan AntiCheat in order to use this config.
Latest Version of Spartan AntiCheat:
(you must be signed into your SpigotMC account to download it, and of course own Spartan AntiCheat)

You must also download ProtocolLib in order to take full control of this config with Spartan AntiCheat.
Latest Version of ProtocolLib:

The default config for Spartan fails to provide the new edition of conditional commands, meaning a player must have for example under 100 ping to execute a certain command. The goal of this config is to be more lenient with higher ping players to make sure that those players don't get false ban. With this config, it will auto ban players using KillAura, Reach, Fly, Speed, etc and will check for ping. Most of the checks don't auto ban since there isn't a purpose to auto ban for them (autorespawn, ghosthand, etc). The thing about this config that makes it special compared to other configs for Spartan is when a player gets 10 violations for any of the checks that don't auto ban, they will be kicked with a java error message. The hacker will think that they actually lost connection to the server but in reality, they were getting kicked by Spartan.

Why choose this config over others?
This config is free and will always stay free with free updates. I plan on supporting this config for every build of Spartan higher then 164. I will regularly update this config on the day or the next day that the new Spartan updates come out. Also if you need any kind of support, just message me on MC-Market and I should respond within 48 hours.

This config is perfect for any PvP servers like Practice, HCF, KitMap, KitPvP, etc.

This config will have weekly updates to support the latest version of Spartan AntiCheat.

KillAura Hacks.

AutoClicker Hacks.

Criticals Hacks.

Fly Hacks.

Speed Hacks.

Jesus Hacks.

I love honest reviews but people that post bad reviews will be ignored. Don't post a bad review, contact me via MC-Market.

Latest reviews

This config will have weekly updates to support the latest version of Spartan AntiCheat. *last update is in 2017*
nice i like it super!!!
Thanks for the review!



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