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SpawnerTerritoryBypass - Mine Spawners In Faction Land v1.0

Supports all factions plugins and other protection plugins.
SpawnerTerritoryBypass is a simple plugin which allows players to mine spawners in protected land that they normally would not be able to break blocks in.

This is especially useful for factions servers that wish to allow their players to mine spawners in other factions territory.

The plugin supports any protection plugin, so only put this on your server if you want players to be able to mine spawners anywhere. The only plugin this does not bypass is worldguard, so your players can't mine spawners at spawn, shops, or any other worldguard region they do not have access to.

The plugin uses SilkSpawners for creation of spawner drops.

All versions should work fine, but if you have issues with your server version I will fix it for you.

The only requirements are WorldGuard and SilkSpawners.

Latest reviews

works very well, only issue is that it'll still send you a message saying you cannot break blocks in so and so's territory. I'm sure you can call a method to prevent that message on spawner break, but not 100% sure. Great plugin been looking for this



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