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StandardCheckout 2018-01-08

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Easy in-game credit card purchases, and monetization for public plugin developers.

StandardCheckout (SCO) is a platform for in-game purchases. The goal is to increase conversions for server owners, and allow plugin developers to release for free what would otherwise be premium plugins, and generate larger profits.

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For players
If you're making your first purchase through SCO, you'll be prompted with a smart link in chat. Opening it will direct you to a page on where you'll be asked to create a password, and add a payment card (credit/debit/prepaid all work fine). Your card data is stored securely using Stripe - we don't keep it on our servers.

Next, or if you already have an active SCO account, you'll be asked to authorize the server's webstore for payments. If the server has their own terms of service, you'll be required to agree. Then you're all set! You can make payments in-game with the click of a button. No need to readd your details when you join a new server, just click authorize on the website.

For server owners
Buycraft is great, but it's really missing one big feature: in-game payments. Think about games like Clash of Clans - most players make their purchases impulsively. You don't sit for a few hours and think about whether or not you really need those gems, you just buy them.

For public plugin developers
You've just written the next evolution of crate key plugins, which servers will use to collectively make millions of dollars. If your plugin is completely free, you might get a couple donations - no more than a couple hundred dollars worth over a few years. If your plugin is premium, you have to worry about piracy, getting servers to buy it, and lack of motivation to continue updates once everyone already has it.

StandardCheckout allows you to continuously profit from your plugins, at no cost to the server owner, via royalties that come out of our end. We take a small percentage of each payment (0.5% or $0.07, whichever is higher). You get to keep half of what we make from each purchase through our payment referral system. If you're interested in integrating SCO into your plugin, email [email protected] to get a referral key.

Charging players
You can charge a player via the in-game Purchase Flow system. We've got an API, and a command to assist.

/chargeplayer <player name> <item name, shown on the statement descriptor> <cost or buycraft package ids> <commands>
/chargeplayer Packet Diamonds $25 give__{name}__diamond__64 broadcast__{name}__bought__64__diamonds!

When using Buycraft package ids, the price is calculated using the Buycraft api. Furthermore, manual payments will be created in Buycraft.
/chargeplayer Packet Diamonds id1*5,id2,id3 give__{name}__diamond__64 broadcast__{name}__bought__64__diamonds!

Plugin API:
We maintain examples of our plugin api on

Not directly. You can use SCO alongside Buycraft, either integrated, or completely separate. You have the choice to not use Buycraft at all if that's your goal.

We tokenize it using Stripe.

For now. We're looking at Xsolla, Braintree, and PayPal as payment providers for the near future.

You can open a new one. Stripe has some limitations - they request that you don't sell virtual currency (read: /balance), and you must respond to chargebacks within twenty days. We have a very good relationship with Stripe, so you should be covered otherwise.

We're in talks with Kount, and a few other providers. Currently Stripe Radar will serve as our first line of defense. We also have immediate plans (read: within a week) to add a chargeback threshold system, similar to Buycraft.

Your account will be linked to our Stripe Connect Platform account, so payouts aren't needed. When we process payments, our account acts as a passthrough. We take our application fee, and the payment lands directly in your balance.
The payout structure for referrals (from public plugins) is weekly.

0.5% or $0.07USD, whichever is higher. If you'd like to discuss a volume discount, send an email to [email protected]

I personally (Omnivion) have years of experience working in finance, government, and healthcare, and other enterprises. I was a senior software engineer at a fortune 500 financial services provider. Currently I work as a software consultant, doing work for the United States federal government in the healthcare sector. Our business, Ulfric LLC, is registered in Florida.

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