StarGate (ultimate teleporting/warping solution) v9.5

Make awesome gates easily, teleport using through them using item GUIs.
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Would you like to make gates, which offers you the feeling of the Star Gate film?

With this plugin, your dreams become the reality.

You can make them, dial them, open them, go through them and go to your destination gate.



If you have any question, or you need a custom plugin, please contact me on Discord or send me a PM.
Discord: gyurix#8413

Please read the WHOLE description of the plugin at least 2 or 3 times before asking any questions.


For easy configuration and language management this plugin needs SpigotLib to work. You must install this plugin for your server.


Permissions for creating gates:
sg.createsign: create gates using the gate creator sign
sg.limit.<limit-group>: maximum placeable gate number limitation
sg.lockdialer: the ability to lock and unlock dialers

Permissions for using the gates (required):
(You must give ALL of these perms to your players)

sg.usegates: required for using gates, without this perm you can't use any gate
sg.toworld.<worldname>: going throught stargates to a certain destination world
sg.gate.<gateid>: required permission for using each gate individually, it might be useful to use the wildcard sg.gate.* permission for turning off that kind of limitation, and maybe negate it to a few gates.<groupname>: required for accessing the gates in a certain group. It might be useful to use the wildcard* permission for turning off that kind of limitation, and maybe negate it to a few groups.

Permissions for using the gates (optional):
(Optional permissions for extra features)
sg.hide: able to see and use hidden stargates
sg.private: able to see private gates, you don't need this permission for using them without this permission
sg.nocd: bypass the playercooldowntime
sg.bypassgroups: bypassing group limitations
sg.own.<gateid>: gives ownership access to a gate even if it was created by someone else

Permissions for commands:
(You can give some of these to players, or just add them to admins, if you don't want your players to have personal gates)

sg.del: delete a stargate
sg.del.others: delete another players gates
sg.set: create a stargate link and unlink gates to groups
sg.remdhd: remove a stargate dialer
sg.remalldhd: remove every dialer of a stargate
sg.setdhd: create a stargate dialer
sg.lockdialer: the ability to lock and unlock dialers portable dailermenu
sg.settime: setup openingtime for stargates
sg.setcdtime: setup playercooldowntime for stargates
sg.toggle: lock/unlock stargates
sg.toggle.others: lock/unlock another players gates teleport to stargates information about stargates
sg.list: show list of all stargates
sg.stat: current stat of stargates

Do you think it's a good idea to allow to everyone to use all the available gates?
It isn't, that's why this plugin contains three different gate types:
1. The public gate, which can be dialed by everyone
2. The private gate, which can be only dialed, if you know it's ID.
3. The hidden gate, which can't be dialed anyhow, you need to have the sg.hide permission in order to dial them.


You think, that using these gates could be a bit too OP for normal players?
That's why the plugin contains the player cooldown feature which limits the gate usage for your players. Don't be afraid, you can turn this cooldown off separately for ANY gate. If you are a donator player or an admin, so you have the sg.nocd permission, then you do never need to wait for these cooldowns.


Do you feel, it would be some problems with the portals orientation?
That's not right, I have detailly programmed ALL THE FOUR possible directions, so your portals will always look to the correct direction, and if you go through a portal, you will be automatically rotated to the correct direction in the destination gate.


I'm afraid, that making and using these portals would be so hard :-(
This plugin offers the best player experience, because it's really easy and handy to use. You don't even need to enter the gate numbers to the chat, everything is made using beautiful item menus, which provides you colorly distinguishable overview between all the different types of gates, the gate cooldown status.


The gates are made really easily:
You just need to look at the main gate block, which is the bottom centre block of the gate. This block is displayed in all the item GUIs showing this gate. Then you enter the gate creation command, /sg set <id> <name> [type].

- The ID is the number, in which this gate would be dialed.
- The gates name is also neccessary, because it describes you shortly the place of your gate.
- You see both of these datas in every item GUI. Your gate is built automatically, of course you can redesign your gate, but it's strongly suggested to don't touch the redstonelamps, because they are regenerated in each gate opening and closing.


After you have your gate, you can add a dialer next to it, which allows it's usage for your players. You can do it easily by placing a block, looking to it and entering the /sg setdhd <id> command. This is the only command, where you chat your gates id. The dialer looks like a phone, and it's for dialing other gates, usually by players. If a player enters a correct destination gate number and clicks to the dial button, the gate opens, with a cool animation and a tnt explosion effect, and the player will be able to use it to teleport to the destination gate, until it's not closed.

For safety issues, you can lock gates really simply, using the item menu provided by the /sg toggle command. If a gate is locked or open, it's dialers item menu becomes a closed dialer menu, which is a bedrock X, with the message, this gate is closed.

You don't remember where are your gates, and you need to find them as fast as possible? The /sg tp command helps you to teleport to them through an item menu as fast as possible.


Would you like to open a gate, but you don't want to use the normal dialer? You can use the /sg menu or the /dhd command to easily open any kind of gates, just by two clicks, through the ItemGUI.

Your gates are closing too slowly or too fast, and you don't want to always edit the config? The /sg settime <time-in-sec> command helps you in the easily gate open time changing.

Your players are complaining about too big gate cooldowns? You can change it by the /sg setcdtime <time-in-sec> ingame, without changing the config file manually.


If you would like to know all the stored information about a gate, you just need to enter the /sg info command, and select the gate from the item menu, to know all the data about it.


Are you curious to the current plugin settings, number of gates or to the number of opened gates? No problem, I have collected all these data for you, and added it to the /sg stat command.


You don't like these item menus, and you just need a fast overview about the gates names, ids and types? You can check them out using the /sg list command.


You are NOT allowed to:
- Share the plugin or any part(class file, configuration, jar file, decompiled source code, e.t.c) of it. This means, that you are also not allowed to share it with your friends.
- Decompile the plugin

You are ALLOWED to:
- Ask me or other plugin users about the plugin in a culturated format
- Suggest me ideas, what would you like to see in the next versions
- Become a test server
- Make videos about the plugin, and share them only if I approve them (good videos can come here to the plugins description)
- Help to plugin development by translating it to different languages

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