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Super Wars v2016-05-03

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Be your favourite hero/villain in this super mini-game!


Be your favourite super hero in this epic new mini-game. Battle until only the best is left standing. Ever wondered that if Batman and Hulk fought who would win? Well now you can find out!
Create games by setting two corners, a lobby point, and some spawn points.
The blocks will reset after each game.
Create join signs.
Pick form a list of than ten different heroes!
Each hero has special skills and weapons.
As of v0.7 you can use the command /sw become <hero> to become that hero and use his powers outside of the mini-game.

NOTE: 1.8 is a huge update, your old maps won't work. Delete your old SuperWars folder before updating! Also the plugin in Beta, expect bugs.




16 Heroes and 3 Villains:


Has batarang, smoke grenades, frag grenades, grapple gun, and bat wings. Turning on your bat wings while in mid air will make you glide. Use your grapple gun to get to high places. You can sneak and you will turn invisible for 10 seconds, your ability is calling a hoard of bats.

Has String and Web, can climb walls and along roofs. Shoot out cobwebs or remove them. Shoot out hard bullet like string and grappling strings. Your ability is making a super web.

Has shield and gun, bash with shield to send player flying. Blocking with shield makes you almost invincible. You can sprint against a wall to smash through them and your ability is throwing your shield.

Punch hard with fist. Double tap space to to power jump. Sneak left-click to smash. Sneak right-click to pick up block. Left click with the block to throw it. Your ability is while in mid air hold crouch to cause a huge smash when you land.

Has hand pulsars, unibeam, two heat seeking rocket, sand flight control.Your ability is the unibeam.

Has hammer and gold apples. Attack with hammer to fight. Right-click hammer to strike lightning. Sneak-left click hammer to make it pull you. Your ability is sneak right-click hammer to cause wind current.

Has claws. Attack with claws to fight, your health regenerates slowly. Hold sneak against a wall to jam your claws in. While clinging to a wall double-tap jump to fling yourself. Sneak right-click with your claws to rip a hole. Your ability is a power slash that slows and nauseates your target.

Has HardLight Blocks, light beam, and levitation. You don't take fall damage on your HardLight blocks. Left click to throw HardLight blocks. Phase through walls and for a HardLight sword. Your ability is to encase players in a HardLight box.

Has water control and trident. You can absorb water and shoot it out. You move faster in water, and your food regenerates. Make squids attack people, and don't drown in water. Your ability is making water spout from the ground.

You have fire and fireballs. Can turn into fire, while on fire you can fly and use your ability. Shoots flames of fire and fireballs. You are damaged by water while in your flame form. Your ability is going SuperNova.

You have a teleport control and your tail. Can teleport around, and can teleport people. Can fight with tail, grab people with your tail, and climb walls. Your ability is letting a creature out of the brimstone dimension.

You have a bow and arrows. Your arrow types are: Fire, Explosive, Grapple, Toxic, Paralyze, Lava, and Normal. All your arrows home in on their target. Your ability is a triple shot of whatever arrow you have selected.

You have rain control, can make gusts of wind, strike lightning, make people freezing, and fly. Your ability is creating a tornado.

You have x-ray vision, laser vision, super speed and can and fly. Your ability is super breath.

You have Super Speed, Infinite Mass Punch. Phasing through walls, and Your ability is to freeze time where you can only move for 8 seconds.

Has a sword, a pistol, and and a bunch of frag grenades.
Can wall jump and your health regenerates slowly.
Your ability is to use a teleportation device.

Can shoot lightning, punch super hard, run super fast, teleport, and go SHAZAM! Thanks to ericbarbwire for sponsoring this hero!

Club: does lots a damage and knockBack;
Root: Causes a root to shoot up hurting anyone nearby.
Fast healing, high armour, moves slow.
Shoot leafy sprigs out.
Wood Shield: Form a wooden shield around yourself.

Professor X:
Telepathy: Make player blind and nauseous.
Telepathic Cloak: Become invisible.
Brain Freeze: Slow player around you.
Mind Blast: Send large amounts of information to someone causing them damage.
Mental Detection: Detects when players are nearby, and tells you the distance to the nearest player.
Immunity to psychic attacks.

Freeze people, make ice sword.
Form Ice blocks underneath you.
Build ice walls.
Shoot Ice spikes.


Can throw razor-sharp playing cards, use an acid spraying flower, mow with a machine gun, toss Joker venom gas grenades, and his ability is setting a giant explosive!

Can throw Hex Bolts, Hex Orbs, and Fly.
Your ability is to ether cast a tempest of reality-warping,
or to cast a tempest of chaos.


Has Claws, Can wall crawl, Grapple with "web" and get people stuck in "web". Your ability is to bite people with Poison Fangs.


Has a sceptre that shoots a energy bolt, turns him invisible, launches entities, or teleports him. With his Shape shifting ability he can shift into any player or entity he clicks on, or can spawn 3 more fake versions of himself that wander around and defend themselves weakly.

His powers require energy. Energy: Right-click with it to absorb blocks around you to gain energy.
Energy Discharge: shoot beams of energy.
Levitation flight.
Heal: can heal himself or others.
Teleportation: Can teleport.
Telekinesis: can make blocks go flying.
Creation: can create IronGolems out of nothing, they will attack others and not him.

Pull any blocks with iron in them to you, and throw them back out.
Make all blocks with iron in a radius go flying.
Levitation flight.
Immunity to psychic attacks.
Form an iron shield if you have enough iron.

Note: While in-game you can look like theses pictures by installing and enabling useHeroDisguises in the config. In the config there is a player name for each hero, this player has the hero skin. If that player changes their skin then it will change for you too. Then you will have to find a new player with that skin and replace the name in the config.

Note: If a skin changes and you find a replacement player, please post it here for others.

Shot of in-game:


Hero Pack 1
As you saw up top, there are some locked heroes/villains. You can unlock them by getting hero packs.
Hero Pack 1 unlocks:

  • Magento
  • Galactus
  • Groot
  • IceMan
  • Professor X
Get Hero Pack 1 here!


Dedicated Mode

Do you want Super Wars to run in dedicated mode? Well your in luck! You can get dedicated mode for Super Wars here:

Get Dedicated Mode here!



/sw reload

/sw become <hero>

/sw info

/sw join <game>

/sw leave <game>

/sw create <game>

/sw finish <game>

/sw delete <game>

/sw <game> set <gametime/lobbytime> <time>

/sw <game> set <point1/point2/lobby>

/sw <game> add spawnpoint



Permission to use the /reload or /help commands:

"superwars.op.commands" allows you to use game creation/editing commands.

"" allows you to use join and leave commands.

"superwars.<heroname>.hero" allows you to play as that hero.



1. Drop the plugin into your plugins folder and restart the server.

2. Edit the config and change any options you want.

3. Do /sw reload.

4. Set up a game to play in.

5. Create a join sign, or just use the menu.

6. Play! (Note: The plugin might not work on versions other than the one it says the download is for.)


How to Set it Up

Here is what the signs look like:

To make a game you must first do:
/sw create <game>

Where ever your standing will be the lobby (You can move it if you want)
Then set the two corners, one under and the other over the game space.
/sw <game> set <point1/point2>

Then add some spawn points.
/sw <game> add spawnpoint

Last to finish do:
/sw finish <game>

Here are some video tutorials on how to set it up:



Thor vs Green Lantern animation:

Show case of the powers part 1:

Show case of the powers part 2:

Game-play footage video:

Get the Avengers - S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier map here:


Upcoming Features

- More Heroes and some Villains!

- Map copy and delete instead of map restore.


Your Very Own Hero


Do you want a hero/villain added? Well I will add any hero/villain to this plugin if you donate $5 or more.
The more you donate the more powers your hero can have. Message me before you donate.
*Some balancing rules may apply.


MC Stats
This plugin sends info on how many servers and players are using this plugin.
If you wish to disable the usage stats, look at /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml.



Check out my YouTube for more Minecraft awesomeness:

Keep up to date with my stuffs at my FB page:


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