SurveyPlus - Awesome surveys for your server! v1.0

Add awesome surveys to your server and reward players who fill them in.
Get your players to fill in surveys, and give them rewards!
It is an awesome way to get feedback from your community, whether you have a single server or a multi server network.

SurveyPlus allows you to easily make new surveys using only the chat, so you don't have to fiddle arround in the config.
You can give rewards to people when they complete your custom surveys.

SurveyPlus can be used in a network, since it offers full MySQL support. The answers people give are fully escaped for SQL injections, so it's safe to use.

SurveyPlus also offers a nice GUI for your players to see all surveys, and complete them if they want to.

/Survey - Opens a GUI with all surveys
/Survey List - List all surveys in chat
/Survey <Survey> - Complete a survey without having to use the GUI

Admin commands
/Survey Admin - Admin section
/Survey Admin Answers <Survey> [Player] - Look at all the answers given to a specific survey
/Survey Admin Create - Creates a survey using the chat
/Survey Admin Reload - Reloads the plugin

/Survey [...] - surveyplus.survey
/Survey Admin [...] - surveyplus.admin

type -
Storage method. You can choose between yml and mysql
host - MySQL server IP
user - MySQL username
password - MySQL password
database - MySQL database
table-prefix - MySQL table prefix

survey-delay - Minimum delay in seconds between surveys

enable -
Whether or not to enable broadcasting
delay - Delay in seconds between broadcasting the messages
message - The message to be broadcasted

Surveys.yml (Also editable through commands)

<survey name> -
The survey's flat name (No colors, all lower case)
name - Fancy name with colors for the survey
icon - Item to use for the icon. Example: iron_ingot
questions - List of questions
reward-commands - List of the reward commands (No slash infront of the commands)
one-time - Whether or not the survey can only be executed once per player (Such as welcome surveys)

Video (Would be awesome if someone could do a better job at this than me. I will refund you if you make a professional looking vid!)

Extra info
If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me on skype: wouter.gritter!

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