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TEAL HUB | Redefining the Hub 1.5.1

The All-In-One Hub & Proxy Setup with a Custom Resource Pack!
Just great!
My evaluation refers to 4 focal points.
- The built hub (lobby)
- The plugins
- The graphics
1. The Hub:
Modern, small, clear.
The hub is kept quite small, built very high and the whole thing in a modern design. Purposeful, but somehow lacks that certain something (4/5 stars)
2. The plugins: There are 31 plugins (33 with the paid ones) installed. All plugins are flawlessly adapted to each other and work perfectly. No plugin is installed unnecessarily, so you have no data garbage in the server, which makes me very happy. (5/5 stars)
3. The graphics:
Simple, modern, high-resolution.
The overall picture fits very well Bright graphics with a slightly darker hub and yet just right and not too much. The graphics are in very good graphical condition and not pixelated, which often happens in Minecraft. (5/5 stars)
4. Support:
I bought the setup today and unfortunately had several bugs with plugins. Furthermore, I needed all graphics in another language (German) and this was no problem for the developer. After I created a ticket on his Discord, he helped immediately. He then also made a bug fix for all buyers. When asked, he immediately offered to translate all the graphics, I should only write what should be where. Perfect! Fast and uncomplicated! Something like this is very rare nowadays. (5/5 stars)
Important! The error had been introduced by the developers of itemadder through an update. These have changed the basic structure of the image paths! The seller fixed this problem immediately.
Final result: 19 out of 20 stars → Very good!
I can only recommend the setup, as it was implemented very creatively and is very easy to understand for every newcomer.
Keep it up!
Thank you for your review and for bringing the bug to my attention! 😀
A great and modern hub resource, the textures are amazing!
I like all the unique features it has, also the spawn is build very nice.
The developer is always wanting to help, that's great!
He solved all my plugins quick & good.
Thanks for this resource, I would really recommend people to buy this!
Thank you for your review! :)
Awesome hub setup! Works great out of the box! I had some initial issues after I made some changes, luckily the Dev is very quick to respond and very willing to help.
Thank you for your review! :)
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