Professional XenForo 2 Website Theme
v2.1 Hotfix changes:

Bug Fixes:

- Added missing rules widget file.
- Fixed some color issues (Viewing profile comments).
v2.0 Update



- Changed header layout.
- Removed fixed discord slider from the left side and added it to the header.
- Added 'Style Changer' to the footer.
- Added ability to change Text Colors (per user customization) from 'Style Changer'.
- Added ability to change Theme Colors (per user customization) from 'Style Changer'.
- Removed fixed color changer from the left side and added it to the 'Style Changer'.
- Added ability to toggle between fluid or default width from 'Style Changer'.
- both header and footer logos will redirect to home page on click.
- Added hover to both header and footer logos.
- Removed fixed 'Scroll to top' button and moved it to the footer.
- Added custom Staff HTML widget.
- Added custom Rules HTML widget.
- Added custom Support tabs HTML widget.
- Added custom voting links HTML widget.
- Lowered size of avatar on header 'Userhub'.
- Removed footer height limit (If you want to add longer 'About Us' text or more links to 'Quick Links'.
- Changed user hub widget background color.
- Updated user hub widget 'Admin Access' button colors.
- Updated Moderator / Admin buttons included in the user widget. ^ (Will now show pending reports/approval queue).
- Added ability to change particles color through JS variables.
- Added ability to change header background through JS variables.
- Much more!

Bug Fixes:

- Updated discord online counter to show more than 100 people online where applicable.
- Fixed header logo going out of boundaries and overlapping content below.
- Fixed footer logo going out of boundaries and making page stretch.
- Fixed notice coloring appearing at the bottom of the page. (Cookies)
- Fixed navigation bar links appearing on the left side instead of being centered sometimes.
- Fixed navigation bar links appearing slightly off centre sometimes.
- Fixed navigation bar dropdown arrow appearing on the right side instead of being next to text.
- Fixed locked forum thread message coloring.
- Fixed issue with Style selector and language selector not being inline.
- Removed padding on the footer copyright text to avoid it going out of the container.
- Fixed colors on the forum post creation page. (Editor / BB code bar).
- Fixed forum poll colors. (Hover / border colors).
- Fixed colors for attaching image on forums.
- Moved flash messages to the bottom so they don't get overlapped by the navigation bar.
- Fixed flash message background/text color.
- Fixed 'About Us' text being lowercase in the footer.
- Fixed reports background color.
- Fixed 'active' navigation bar tab color on mobile devices.
- Multiple color fixes on mobile devices.
- Much more!
v1.1 Update

- Added search bar to the header part (Preview on the main page)
- Added option to hide boxes on the header part and center logo.
- Added style changer button to the footer (Preview on the main page)
- Added option to hide style changer.
- Limited signature sizes by default (200px), signatures will have scrollbars when the height is higher than the limit.
- Removed top breadcrumbs navigation (Bottom one is still there).
- Added XML file.
- More.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed Forum thread title not being displayed.
- Fixed 'Post Thread' button not being visible.
- Fixed coloring issue with the page navigation.
- Fixed coloring issues with some hovers.
- Multiple other small fixes.
Jesse Pinkman
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