V2 Faction Setup - Ready to play! v1.8+

Custom McMMO messages, fully configured, premade iconic builds - ready to play!

This is a fully configured Faction setup and is ready to play! All you need is to purchase hosting and have the essential needs to get it up to its full potential!

- Ranks: VIP - MLG - PRO
- Permissions have been setup
- Server shop, list the current category's of Raiding Materials, Blocks, Farming Materials, Spawners, Potions, Food, Ores and Extra (anything which is missing you can add blocks in that category.
- Faction Features: Obsidian Breaker, TNTfilling, Fbasics (prevents glitchs and adds faction features along with that), wilderness teleport.
Prefixes have been set out to go along with the server colors.
- Custom MCMMO colors.
- Server colors
: RED.
- Custom Tablist.
- Voting
and GAListener installed. (you need to just set up votifier port and IP)
- Lottery
- FloAuction
- Silk Spawners.
- NPC's.
- Custom Warzone and Spawn.

Selling aviccimc.com if any is interested.

I think it's worth the money because I have sold this setup (http://www.mc-market.org/resources/1273/) which was sold for $3.00 - $5.00 and has had over 15 payments. The setup did not have a build nor did it have as many features as this one has. This setup has more features and a spawn and a warzone which I used to have for my faction server but was closed 2 months ago.

If you do buy the setup and you have any concerns, just pm via skype.

Want something more cheaper but still a HQ setup? Click here; http://www.mc-market.org/resources/1273/

Making a HCF this weekend!

Latest reviews

Very good server setup! Can't wait to release! Thanks for the setup <3 :D, Trident.

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