The best administrative plugin around! Create custom GUI warning systems!

This amazing plugin provides server owners and staff the resources that they need to handle punishments and warnings for players. If you are struggling to maintain control of the players on your server and need a solution, WarningSystem is the plugin for you, built and designed to keep the troublesome players at bay. With customizable GUI menus, custom punishments, custom warnings, and almost anything else you can think of, WarningSystem is the go to plugin for it's amazing flexibility and style.

How it works: WarningSystem applies points to players upon selection of staff members. When a player reaches a certain amount of points, the player will be punished by punishments set in the config file. Over time the points will reset themselves ensuring that players who do not earn points on a regular basis are not punished as severely. It is a simple way to regulate players on the server in ways that both the players and staff can easily understand.


  • Customizable GUI menu.
  • GUI menu for view warned players.
  • Custom points system.
  • Custom punishments and warnings.
  • New: Custom ban, mute, and kick methods!
  • Option to purge all userdata at set intervals.
  • Option to subtract points from all players at set intervals.
  • Logs reports for every warning given so you can also regulate the plugin's usage by staff members.
  • Command to look up reports for each staff member.
  • Other misc commands that make this plugin the best administrative tool around!

  • /ws - Shows all commands.
  • /ws reload - Reloads the configuration file.
  • /ws points [player] - View another player's points.
  • /ws points set [player] [points] - Set a player's points.
  • /ws purge - Purge all points from the system.
  • /ws lookup [player] [page#] - Look up reports on staff.
  • /ws slots - Extra help for creating custom menus.
  • New: /ws ban/unban [player] (time) - Custom ban method.
  • New: /ws mute/unmute [player] (time) - Custom mute method.
  • New: /ws kick [player] (reason) - Custom kick method.
  • /warn [player] - Open warn GUI to warn a player.
  • /warnedusers - View all warned players.
  • /points - View your own points. For players.

  • Commands with no permissions: /ws and /points
  • warningsystem.reload - /ws reload
  • warningsystem.points - /ws points and /ws points set
  • warningsystem.purgedata - /ws purge
  • warningsystem.lookup - /ws lookup
  • warningsystem.warn - /warn
  • warningsystem.warnedusers - /warnedusers


Default Config:
# Ignore these:
Plugin Author: TheMCLegend14
Version: '1.0'
ConfigGenerated: true
# Default GUI file. Create multiple files and set this as the one you want!
GuiFile: menu.yml
# All settings for purging points.
  Enabled: false
  PurgeOnRestart: false
  PurgeIntervalHours: 24
# All settings for subtracting points. Every player with points will lose 5 every 12 hours.
  Enabled: true
  Points: 5
  SubtractIntervalHours: 12
# Prefix for all WarningSystem messages.
Prefix: '&c&lWARN&8&lSYSTEM &8» '
# Message for when a player is warned.
# Placeholders: %player%, %admin%, %reason%, %points%
BroadcastMessage: '&7%player% was warned by %admin% for %reason%. &f(+%points% points)'
# List all punishments here.
# The default punishment bans a player for 1 day at 15 points.
# How it is set up: points;command;message to server
# Placeholders: %player%
- 15;tempban %player% 1day;&7%player% has been banned for 1 day.

Default Menu File:
# Select the amount of rows the warn GUI has
Rows: 3
# The first slot in the GUI menu is 0, the second is 1, so on.
# The first slot in the second row is 9, first slot third row is 18, and so on
    # The reason for the placeholder %reason%:
    reason: advertising
    # Item Id for the GUI:
    itemid: 340
    # Item's name:
    name: '&cAdvertising'
    # Item's lore:
    lore: '&9Add a custom lore here!'
    # Points the player gets upon selection:
    points: 25
    reason: xray
    itemid: 278
    name: '&bXray'
    lore: '&9Add a custom lore here!'
    points: 15
    reason: hacking
    itemid: 276
    name: '&eHacking'
    lore: '&9Add a custom lore here!'
    points: 15
    reason: spam
    itemid: 339
    name: '&aSpam'
    lore: '&9Add a custom lore here!'
    points: 5
    reason: other
    itemid: 166
    name: '&7Other'
    lore: '&9Add a custom lore here!'
    points: 0

A little bit about the developer: I am a college student, studying chemical engineering. I have taken up computer science in my free time (making me a nerd I guess xD) and enjoy coding plugins for Minecraft servers. While I do enjoy it, coding is very time consuming and college is very time and money consuming so purchasing this plugin would mean a lot to me. If you do decide to purchase you will be forever awesome! Take care!

By purchasing the resource you agree to the following:
1. No refunds.
2. No chargeback.
3. Don't recompile or share the code, don't change the code.
4. You will get access to all future versions of the plugin.

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