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WildStacker Spawners | Entities | Drops | Blocks Custom spawn conditions! 3.4.3

Stacked drops, stacked entities, stacked blocks and stacked spawners in one plugin!

You can find the plugin for free on our website.


WildStacker is suitable for servers with a lot of entities and drops which want to reduce the server-lag that they cause without changing the game experience. With our advanced algorithms, many entities and drops can be stacked at the same time without causing any lag!






• All the basic and boring stuff of stacking plugins.
Entities stacking, items stacking, spawners stacking and blocks stacking, all in one plugin. Even tho WildStacker was the first 'All in one' stacking plugin, nowadays that's not a biggy. Let's focus on why WildStacker stands out from the other plugins!

• Packed with many new and modern features.
Unlike many other plugins, the plugin is packed with new and unique features that no other plugins have. Many are trying to copy the features of the plugin, but there are so many of them that they can't keep up! Also, have I mentioned that all of the features are toggleable?

• It runs at the speed of light!
I've spent lots of hours in developing technics to make the plugin run on your server without any impact. Async stacking, optimized drops calculations, and real-time data saving for entities and items make the plugin the best on the market in terms of performance. Not only that, but all of the stacking-systems work flawlessly together (duh?) and it supports many other plugins!

• Premium plugin at no cost!
Until 1st January, 2021, WildStacker was a paid resource with more than 2,400 unique customers! Today, the same WildStacker plugin is free, with all the features included to make sure you get the best quality for no cost!

• The plugin is provided "as is".
Due to a busy schedule that I have IRL, I can't guarantee frequent updates. I will do my best to patch major issues. You can find dev builds with more patches and bug fixes on our Jenkins page!

You can read more about WildStacker on the wiki page!

Latest updates

  1. [v3.4.3] Loot calculation hot fix

    Changes: • Fixed issues with calculation of loot, causing items to drop 100% of the time. If...
  2. [v3.4.2] Listeners register hotfix & more bug fixes!

    Changes: • Changed calculation of amount of entities to be a bit more accurate. • Fixed events...
  3. [v3.4.1] Critical bugs fixed, optimizations & more!

    Changes: • Added stackable check for the API's getStackedEntity method. This should prevent...

Latest reviews

I have iterated between a lot of other stacker plugins before, but since I got wildstacker over a year ago now I stick with it, because it's the smoothest and most configurable stacker I've ever seen. 5/5 happily, bought 2 times, here and on spigot :)
Has some unfortunate defaults set in the config, but the developer was happy to help with setup. Was also told the main download link is not the recommended build to use, so it might be helpful to have some convenient links to the deveilopment builds on the main pages here somewhere.
Thanks for editing the review.
You can find stable versions at the version history tab.
If you're looking for a stacking plugin then this is definitely the one!
Amazing plugin, quick support in discord and owner is very nice and professional :)
Thanks for the kind words! <3
An amazing plugin worth the purchase premium and simple but with loads of options and an in-game editor for new people 10/10 worth the buy
Your Plugin Very Works Well. Thanks for support! Nice Developer.
Honestly, a must-need plugin for any server, where it be Factions or Skyblock, this plugins helps the server's performance so much, with the amount of entities, mobs and spawners. Amazing support, and most of all, great developer.
Excellent plugin ;) thanks for the support. Nice developer
Wonderful plugin. Amazing developer
Amazing resource. Still waiting on support. But ive worked with this plugin prevously and it is truly a wonderful installment for any server.
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