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WonderHUD v1.3

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Individual Heads Up Displays!

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Requires: Spigot v1.8+
Requires: ProtocolLib, PlaceHolderAPI

Check out WonderHUD on GitHub

WonderHUD creates an individual heads up display for players. Display the information you want your players to know!

The plugin uses PlaceholderAPI placeholders to display information in the HUD.

Customize exactly what you want your players to see in the config file.

*PM me with feature requests and your suggestion may end up on this list!*

Feature requests from users:

  • Add a hideall command (hides huds from all players)
  • Add a showall command (shows huds to all players with permission wh.see)

Planned upcoming features:
-Scrolling Text
-Commands to allow a player to dismiss and show the displays v1.1
-Gif, jpg, and png support v1.2
-New HUD types

-Added basic-hud and image-hud v1.2
-New HUD animations
-New HUD Locations (dock HUD to the bottom, right, left of the screen)
-API for developers

(send me a private message if you want a spot on this list)
Servers Using WonderHUD:

/wh - Author, Version, Website
/wh help - Help text for WonderHUD commands

*requires permission: wh.admin
/wh reloadconfig - Reloads the config file
/wh playersviewing - Displays the number of players currently viewing their HUDs

*require permission: wh.visibility
/wh hide - Hides the HUD (will become visible again after relog)
/wh show - Show the HUD

*requires permission wh.*
/wh hideall - Hides the HUDs from all online players
/wh showall - Shows the HUDs to all online players with permission wh.see

wh.* - Access to all WonderHUD commands and features
wh.see - Allows a player to see the displays
wh.visibility - Allows a player to toggle their hud's visibility
wh.admin - Allows a player access to admin commands

Text Formatting (placeholders):
Insert these placeholders in the string of text to format the text

|obfuscated| - Format all following text obfuscated
|bold| - Format all following text bold
|strikethrough| - Format all following text strikethrough
|underline| - Format all following text underlined
|italic| - Format all following text italic
|reset| - Reset text formatting for the following text

Text Colors
|black| - Color all following text black
|dark_blue| - Color all following text dark blue
|dark_green| - Color all following text dark green
|dark_aqua| - Color all following text dark aqua
|dark_red| - Color all following text dark red
|dark_purple| - Color all following text dark purple
|gold| - Color all following text gold
|gray| - Color all following text gray
|dark_gray| - Color all following text dark gray
|blue| - Color all following text blue
|green| - Color all following text green
|aqua| - Color all following text aqua
|red| - Color all following text red
|light_purple| - Color all following text light purple
|yellow| - Color all following text yellow
|white| - Color all following text white

Example 1: Using text formatting placeholders
Text: "|dark_red||bold|WonderHUD|reset| is |underline|awesome!"
Result: WonderHUD is awesome!

For the full list of valid placeholders, click here.

Example 2: Using Placeholders API placeholders
Text: "Welcome %player_name%, to the server!"
Result: Welcome Kloudy, to the server!

hud-show-text: "HUD now visible" #text displayed when HUD shown
hud-hide-text: "HUD now hidden" #text displayed when HUD hidden
hud-show-all-text: "HUDs now visible to all players" #text displayed when all HUDs shown
hud-hide-all-text: "HUDs now hidden from all players" #text displayed when all HUDs hidden

max-players: 35 #Max number of players allowed to view their HUDs at once.

hud-objects: Define your HUDs inside the hud-objects node
# image-hud config example (format to set up an image HUD)

welcome: # Name of your HUD that you are defining (can be anything so long as it is unique with respect to the other HUDs you define)
type: image-hud # HUD type (options: basic-hud, image-hud)
image-src: welcome.gif # Source of the image to be displayed by this HUD (images must be located in folder: plugins/WonderHUD/images
width: 60 # Width of the HUD(Default: 40)
height: 20 # Height of the HUD (Default: 20)
start-time: 0 # How many seconds after login the HUD will start displaying (Default: 0)
duration: 10 # How many seconds the display will stay visible (Default: -1 indefinitely)

#basic-hud config example (format to setup a text only HUD)

type: basic-hud

start-time: 10
duration: -1
lines: # lines of text to be displayed by the HUD
- "Welcome |gray||bold|%player_name%|reset|, to |gold||bold|%player_server%"
- "Current Position: x: %player_x%, y: %player_y%, z: %player_z%"
- "|green||bold|Players Online|reset|: %server_online%"​

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