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The unique minigames made for everyone
What is X Minigames?
This is a custom minigame plugin created by myself in my spare time. This originally was intended for a large network, however the development for it stopped after the owner of the network was unable to fund hosting. I therefore continued to work on the plugin myself for fun. The plugin therefore hasn't had a whole lot of testing and there are most likely bugs, however if they are reported, they will be fixed A.S.A.P

Some of the main features of X Minigames include:
Built in ranks:
X Minigames is a plugin designed so you need as little amount of plugins as possible (where possible). Therefore, X Minigames comes with its own rank system, including the default member, Moderator, Admin, Co-Owner and Owner. Don't forget the donator rank; VIP (can change the name at a future update)
Please note there is a Developer rank which was used by myself for testing, however I will not have access to this rank if I join your server. It has the same permissions as Owner.
All new players automatically join as Member.
Many commands:
Once again, as this plugin aims to eliminate the need for other plugins, there are many commands readily available and all the permissions are pre built in. Using /help in-game can list all the commands available but here are a few:
Commands are all still a work in progress, and more are going to be added soon to enable admins to do their job easier, and for players to have an even better time!
Unique minigames:
This plugin currently only contains 3 minigames. 2 of which are original (I personally have never seen them before).
- Spleef: Spleef is the first minigame within the list of games that can currently be played. It simply involves players destroying the ground under other players to knock them into the water. Last man standing!
- MazeRunner: The first original minigame I had created. It involves a randomly generated maze (size varies based on how many players there are) and the players have to race to the end of the map (green block = start, red = finish), with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place available.
- Colour Wars: The final currently available minigame involves players randomly joining a team (a colour) and they have to walk around and 'paint' as much of the floor as possible with their own colour. After the timer is up, the team with the most territory wins!
Lobbies is a great feature for a minigame server to have! If one lobby is too full, simple join the next one available (there is only currently 9 lobbies per minigame, however if that's not enough then that could easily be edited).
This plugin has its own achievement system, which gives the players something to work towards while playing on the server. There are a variety of achievements currently available, ranging from double jumping in the lobby, to adding a new friend and even playing 1000 games of Spleef!
A minigame network must always have a friend system.... because everyone has friends! (If not, why not make some new ones here!) This system allows you to add friends, and easily teleport to them and join them wherever they are on the server. You can also view their playtime so you can see how much time they spend trying to beat you at a minigame!
Of course where would minigames be without levels. Every game you play, every achievement you do, earns you XP. This XP slowly ranks you up unlocking new levels, just to show off to everyone else how good you are at winning things!
Now, money. Money is a large factor in almost everything in life... so it most certainly should play a role in servers! Currently, you earn money for doing many things.... however it doesn't even have a use yet! However, this will change soon with hats and trails planned for release soon!
- Hats:
There are 130 different hats to be found! When a game has finished, there is a chance of finding a key. (The rarity of the key is also random). These keys can be used to open crates which allow you to get rare hats (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & 3 super rare hats which you can only view if you have unlocked them!). The rare the key, the more likely to get a rare item.
If you're ever too lazy to right click a compass and join a game... then portals may just save your life! Simply walk up to the 'portal skeleton' for the minigame you want to join... and like magic, you're in the next available lobby!
This plugin also comes with multiple configurable options. To configure your plugin correctly, please refer to the "Installation" section of this description.
This plugin will also have updates to come, which add new features, remove bugs, and generally improve player’s experience when using this plugin.

Additional Info
This plugin is a large project that has had many hours of work and dedication gone into it. However, it is recommended that if you purchase this plugin, you should also make sure you have a hub map, and a lobby for each individual minigame.

I am also completely open to new ideas and thoughts for what should be added next, whether they’re completely new features, or additions to other features like a new minigame or commands.

I also allow custom edits to your own version of the plugin if you have bought it. If the edit you wish made (for example changing a staff rank name) is a small edit, then I will happily change it for free. However, if you want a larger edit (like adding a whole new rank, or even custom minigame for your server), this will be an additional cost of my choosing. (I won’t make the price absurdly over the top).

This plugin uses its own permission system and therefore permissions from other plugins will not work with it. The only way to use other plugins and their commands, it by having an OP to use them. (Or just use a different rank plugin, and hope there is no clash with how things work). The only few things this plugin can’t, and won’t ever do, is Votifier and BuyCraft.

Please note that upon first release, there may be many bugs and they are being fixed as soon as possible. So if you find any, please report them here to make your experience as nice as possible!

Thank you!

To install this plugin, drag and drop it into your plugins folder. Once the you start the server, all the necessary files will be generated. It is best to setup the config files before messing around with the server, otherwise some errors may occur.
To set yourself as owner, or whatever rank you want, find the "Ranks" folder within the "Minigames" & "Hub" folder in plugins, and find the .txt file with your UUID. Inside, change "Member" to whatever rank you want; e.g. "Owner"
To setup some basic server information, they can be found within "Minigames" and "Hub" folder. Such as: SpawnLoaction (where players teleport when joining), and other self-explanatory options.
To setup minigame teleport locations (where players teleport to when joining a game), find the minigame you want in the "Minigames" folder, and edit the .txt file in the chosen minigame folder.
To setup minigame portals (where players go to teleport to a minigame instead of using the compass), find the "Minigames" then "Hub" then "Portals" folder, and edit the appropriate .txt file.
To setup crates, refer to the "Crates.yml" and simply add all the crates you want. (Works in any world)

By purchasing this plugin you agree that there will be no refunds given under any circumstances, and that disputing your payment with PayPal will result in your account being removed from the buyers list, which will remove any chance of downloading future updates.

By purchasing this plugin you also agree that I may take you off the buyers list for any reason, which includes if you distribute or sell my plugin without my permission.


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