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The AntiCheat built for all servers
What is XAntiCheat
XAntiCheat is a custom anticheat that I have developed in the hope to reduce the amount of hackers found on servers. This plugin is still in very early beta, and still needs a lot of work on refining current hack checks, and adding checks for new hacks.

Some of the main features of XAntiCheat include:
Built in hack detection:
This plugin can detect some of the major hacks that are found on servers. A list of the hacks that are detected are as follows: (please note these are still beta and need more testing)
- Kill Aura (NPC)
- Kill Aura (Direction)
- MultiAura
- Reach
- Fast Bow

- Fly (Ascension)
- Fly (Hover)
- Fly
- Spider
- Step
- Teleport
- Fast Ladder
- Jesus
- Blink
- Menu Walk (Excluding Player Inventory)
- No slowdown

- Headroll
- Auto Clicker
- Fast Eat
Many more hacks are being worked on and will be added soon.
This plugin comes with a config file that allows you to edit some options. Firstly, there is "WatchListWarns". This plugin has a system called the "Watch List", which is where the people who are most likely to be hacking, and are repeat hackers, will be added to. This means when they log off and back on, staff (currently people with OP) are notified that they should have an eye kept on them. This config option changes the amount of detections of hacks needed before being added to this list.
The next config option is "AutoBan". This option is pretty self explanatory, and will ban people after a certain amount of hacks is met (which leads onto the next config option) : "BanWarns" which is how many warns they need before being automatically banned. This will have no effect if "AutoBan" is false. Please keep in mind that the auto banning isn't 100% accurate and there are still some false positives (thinking they are hacking when they aren't) and a ban may occur incorrectly. However is definitely useful for those blatant hackers. In the future, this feature will be a lot more accurate.
Not only does this plugin detect the hacks, but it also stops them from being used. This just prevents players getting where they should do. For example, if a player uses speed and tries to zoom off somewhere, they get teleported back to where they should be.
This plugin will also have updates to come, which add new features, remove bugs, and generally improve player’s experience when using this plugin, and hack detections.

Additional Info
I am also completely open to new ideas and thoughts for what should be added next, whether they’re completely new features, or main hacks you would rather be blocked.

I also allow custom edits to your own version of the plugin if you have bought it. If the edit you wish made (for example changing messages that appear) is a small edit, then I will happily change it for free. However, if you want a larger edit (like adding a whole new hack, or even a custom system for your server), this will be an additional cost of my choosing. (I won’t make the price absurdly over the top).

This plugin doesn't currently have permissions and is all based off Operators seeing messages, however this will be changed in the near future.

Please note that some of the hack detections work with multiple hacks that work similarly. For example, the "Spider" hack is blocked using the "Fly" hack system, and therefore in-game it will display a player using it as if they are using flight. This also means that there are potentially more blocked hacks in this plugin that aren't listed above.

This plugin works with 1.8.8+!

Please note that upon first release, there may be many bugs and they are being fixed as soon as possible. So if you find any, please report them here to make your experience as nice as possible!

Thank you!

To install this plugin, drag and drop it into your plugins folder. Once the you start the server, all the necessary files will be generated. The config file will have default settings, however you can change these as you please

By purchasing this plugin you agree that there will be no refunds given under any circumstances, and that disputing your payment with PayPal will result in your account being removed from the buyers list, which will remove any chance of downloading future updates.

By purchasing this plugin you also agree that I may take you off the buyers list for any reason, which includes if you distribute or sell my plugin without my permission.

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Latest reviews

love it so far, it would be great if u could add litebans support and a perm like( xac.staff.notify) for staff to see messages and (xac.staff.immune) for staff to be ignored by the anti
Works on my 1.7.10 HCF server its ok just no perms!
Wow! I made this for 1.11 so I'm surprised it works! Thanks for the great review!

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