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XP Info Special XP menu and more! v2.7

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Give your players a fun cosmetic command plugin!

What is XP Info?

► Newest command cosmetic plugin! ◄

XP Info a beautifully built plugin for that extra server touch that gives those players of yours or yourself a fun experience. The plugin explains itself well enough. This is all built from scratch and guaranteed that no other plugin is like this. Write me a fantastic review if you found this plugin enjoyable as I do myself. If you want your server added then just let me know so others can see that you use this awesome plugin. If you are having problems with this plugin then wait, you don't need to go to the stage of placing a bad review, just let me know what is going on and I will be completely sure to handle it. I have several more ideas for this plugin that will be in future updates and I promise from my heart that I will not give up or stop updating this plugin until I feel that it has reached it's max potential. Thank you to the whole community!

► Commands ◄

/xp - Player may see their xp levels
/xpmenu - Player may use the complete xp menu
/xphealth - Player may see their health level
/xpplayer - Player may see their username
/xpfood - Player may see their food level

► Permissions ◄

xpinfo.xp - Allow player's access to see their xp level Allow player's access to use the xp menu - Allow player's access to see their health level - Allow player's access to see their food level
xpinfo.player - Allow player's access to see their username
xpinfo.* - Allow player's access to all commands

► Contact ◄

Skype: facebook:zachmelv
G-mail: [email protected]
PM: Link Here
Discord: TappedGraphics™#9382

► Servers ◄


Versions: 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x

This does NOT support Sponge or BungeeCord Servers
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Melvin Dsignz
First release
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