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ZAO / BETA vbeta v0.195

A Very Powerful Hunger Games Plugin That's Gonna Evolve the Hunger Games concept of Minecraft.


Cause zao uses every graphical minecraft feature in its code.
Titles,Chest Menus,Dynamics Signs,Heads,Particles,Sounds,ResourcePacks,Entities,Maps ...
Most of the plugin makers focus on commands or some cool features that makes admins rage cause of very hard settings or boring .yml files.But when i was writing ZAO,i focused on qualitiy,graphics and easy settings.
You will get what i sayed to you when you read the features.
Also I used 'he' for ZAO.This is not a mistake,i love him like my son lol.
Also x2,If you came here for a kit pvp plugin mate,than you should leave.
ZAO is a stragety pvp based graphical hunger games plugin

Zao uses coins system for economy.Player can buy gadgets,compasses,traps even abilities with his coins.
Player can gain coin from killing players or winning games(you can change amounts of course) or making missions.
You will see more about coins in the Market and Missions features.
Player can accsess market in lobby by clicking with market item.
In the market player can buy;
-Gadgets(Helper Items)
-Compasses(Tracking Items)
-Traps(Tricking Items)
-Abilities(Helper Passive Effects)

With the lng feature you can change anything of any item in market.





Zao's mission system is very large and a very good concept.
There are two kinds of missions.First one is the normal missions.Missions that will give you coins as a reward.Second one is the Ender Missions,This missions are too hard,nearly impossible.As reward this missions will give you special cosmetic effects in lobby.Like musics,pets or event meteors !
Also taking missions,is so simple ! Just click to the mission and you will active that mission.And you can see the mission that you actived left upside of the menu(right of redstoneblock).If you look at there you can see progress too.
Here comes the boom mate;
With the lng feature(i will talk about below) you can change a mission's name,lore,reward even goal.

Some Missions:


Some Ender Missions:

ZAO has got a good lobby managament.Players can reach their missions,profile,shop etc,can join games,hide players,hide particles or disable chat.
But of course there is some extra;
In lobby players can listen some cool musics from the welcome sign,with resource pack feature of course.Dont worry i used free download musics and write the creators of musics:

Also players that completed some ender missions can show their cool pets or particle effects or even their musics.
In the future i am planning to add gambling signs and more stuff.
(I will talk about this at the bottom of this thread)

You know,everything has a weakness.Weakness of zao is;
-zao doesnt supports bungee.
Yep you heard me,but dont close ,listen me for five minutes okay ?
Maybe zao can not support bungee but he-yes i sayed he,he is my son.
Ehm anyway.He got a very good coded world management system.You can still make unlimited arenas,players can play multiple games.With a very good server zao can handle a hundred n fifty players without lag.Zao creates a map for every game sign.And players are playing in their sign's world.Every sign has a game manager(A class that handles timers,traps,gadgets,players,unloading the worlds that doesnt playing game,more like everything in ingame).
I coded game managers for the best performance but zao is a quality based plugin.So you cant have five hundred players in one server,but like I said ZAO can handle one hundred n fifty players with a very good server.(I am just saying,i did not test it(i will soon) ,but i am sure( like %96))
Also a game manager can handle maximum of 24 players.
But if you want you can do it less.

Most of the Hunger Games plugins based on front PvP(Open hacks,or use macros or spam the left click until your finger gets broken)
There are other authors that done great(not all of'em) job on their huner games plugin.
Some of them tried to make strategic pvp based hg plugins.They add abilities and kits to reach this goal.But it was the same.Maybe they wasn't trying to make strategic pvp,maybe they were trying to gain more money from the kits.Anyway it was insufficient.Zao walked on this 'kit' stairs.
Looked and gained some experience.And than he get down,taked some bricks and started to make his own way,own stairs.

In ZAO there is three items and one effect that can be gived to player when game starts.
Gadgets,Compasses,Traps and Abilities.
Player can buy this items from the market.But can only wear one gadget,one compass,one trap,one ability.
Player creates his own kit,own strategy.In time when player get more experience his PvP fight will be more strategic.He will try to pull his enemies to his traps,use gadgets in time,use his compasses to gain info about his enemies and he will make the perfect ambush for them.
Of course his enemies aren't bots,they will come with different strategies to trick or kill him.Will he be an expert(best winner) or a monster(best killer) in your server ?
Who knows,maybe...


Gadgets are the first part of Player's kit.
Their goal is help player.Making his jobs more easy.On the start a game Player's gadget will be given by game manager.If player didn't buy a gadget,than his slot will be empty(Sorry mate,no free gadgets)This will give him a very big disadvantage cause other players that has gadgets,can do some cool stuff a couple of times like;
-Refreshing a chest's contents.
-Healing him self.
-Putting ladders,or blocks.
-Getting a food kit at the start of game.
Without a gadget, player can still win a game,but he will start the game 3-0.

Compasses are the second part of Player's Kit.
Their goal is give information to the player.
Prepare him to hunter encounters,or make Player the hunter.
In both two ways compasses are the most useful items to get information.
In normal hunger games plugins,compasses only track the enemy,give the player difference between him and his enemy.In zao compasses can give a lot of information about enemy,like;
-Give health information of enemy.
-Give armor information of enemy.
-Give kit information of enemy.


However with the jammer trap,Player's enemies can trick him,make his compass lead him to an ambush.If player finds the jammer and breaks it than compass will get fixed and player can still track the enemy.
Traps are the third part of Player's Kit.
Their goal is tricking the enemies.You know in every trap concept in other plugins,if a trap gets you it will hurt you,give you a very big damage.
In zao traps made for strategy,so traps will never gonna deal damage directly.But they will be pain in the butter(gold).Traps are the most strategic items in Player's Kit.You just simply right click with the trap on ground and it will set it self and start to do its job.Traps can do lot of things and can be used in lot of strategies,like;
-Pushing players upwards 15 blocks.(Geyser)
-Climb up top of high trees or mansions(Geyser)
-Climb the balloons in a map to get chests(Geyser)
-Jamming compass of enemy that tracking player.(Jammer)
-Pull enemies in to your ambush(Jammer)
-Put Jammer while you are running from somone to gain time in mines or some place like that.(Jammer)
-Breaking armor of enemy.(Biter)
-Block the way between you and your enemy in a tight hall(Biter)
-Put biters to your battlefield,this will make your enemies nervous(Biter)
-Stun your enemy for three seconds(Stunner)
-Put stunner when you are running,it will mostly stun the enemy that chasing you.(Stunner)

You can make a lot of strategies with traps.Now think that you combined this stuff with other kit items...

All traps are supported with particles and sound effects.



Abilities are forth and the last part of Player's Kit.
Their goal is give support to kit items.You need to combine your abilitiy with your kit items,or your precious coins will be gone for nothing.
There are a lot of abilities in ZAO,they do lot of effects to players.
For example;
-Give back sucsessful arrow hits.
-Reduce or increase sword damage
-Reducing fall damage
-Starting game with two bonus hearts

Most of the abilities supported with particles and sound effects.



ZAO has got the most beautiful profile gui in minecraft history.
In profile you can see top 5 killers,top 5 winners,a very good profile lore and settings for particles,chat and players.
Like i said to you,ZAO is a graphical plugin.So It uses Particles a lot.
In traps,On pets,Some lobby efects(Like meteors),Abilities,Sometimes in gadgets.

ZAO uses Titles a lot.More like everywhere,in error messages,when sending your pet back or when game manager starts to randomly choosing a player or when a music starts...


There is currently one pet in ZAO.Ghoul.After a game its helmet will change to the last player that you killed.
I am planning to add three more pets to ZAO.
One of them is Fan Girl.I can give you promise that it will be very funny.
I am thinking the other two pets,all of'em must be different.
ZMap is a system that only ZAO has.This sytstem made for admins.You can create a map within maximum three minutes,with only one command.And it is not hard;
-Copy map folder to ZAO/Maps/Map Files
-Remove uid.dat in map files.
-Type command /zao admin.
-Click 'create a map'.
-Click name ,and write the name of map to chat.
-Click Fake name and write the fake name of map to chat.
-Click spawn points and use spawnpoint item to set 24 spawnpoints of map.
Map is ready to use,you're welcome...

Zao is very,very easy to use for admins and for players.
You just need to click.
Click to buy something,click to look your profile,click to set maximum players,click to cancel your mission,click to set timers of game manager,click to send your Ghoul back,click to join a game,click to set a trap,click to set loot contents.
I'ts just so simple and efficient.


Zao doesnt have a Config yml.You can set everything with clicking.Even setting chest contents...
Just grab items and put them into the chest menu.Than click save.Chest contents have been set in five seconds.
Just click and write the value to the chat.You set the coin gain values in seven seconds,and no need for reload.It just updated dynamically.

Here is a very,very good feature.
LNG feature is a file format that zao uses for missions and market.
You can edit a item's(in market)
-Fake Name
And it is just simple.
-Goto ZAO/Options/Lang/Item folder.
-Select the item that you want to edit.
-Edit it with a notepad.
Just dont use ':' and do whatever you want.If you make a fault,remove the lng file and restart the server.Default lng file will come.
And you dont need to reload the plugin for updating this.Type /zao admin and click 'Update Lang Managers'.Its done.

You can change a Missions;
-Fake Name


I write this two to features coz setting this two in other hunger games plugins is too hard.You can set chest contents in ten seconds.You can set game times in five seconds.
Just put your items to the chest and click save button.Its done.
It can hold,lores,named items,enchantments even durability of items.
Here is another awesome feature of ZAO.
When a game signs had enough players to play a game.It will change its mode to 'Rating'.Than players get rate map items.You will get what i sayed when you look at to pictures.
Every map has a picture,in default it is a '?'.After you create a map goto ZAO/Maps/Map Photos.Find your maps png file.(It will create it self)
And change it with another picture.No need for resizing,it will resize it self.And no in rating player can rate all of maps,he just need to take the bowls named'next' and 'back' and click with them,new maps will be shown.
You can change/add logo to your rate items.Just change the picture at ZAO/logo.png

Maybe zao doesnt supports bungee but he can hold at least a thousand maps in his memory.Think 1000 maps with rate pictures,isn't it awesome ?
ZAO has got a very performance based ranking system.
It looks great,and it can show #9000 rank without making a lagg.
ZAO currently has two dynamic signs.(Signs that can update themselves automaticliy)
Game sign and Welcome sign.But after a few updates i am gonna add some crazy signs like gambling sign.

Major Added Features:
ProtocolLib UPDATE !
29.05.2015 UPDATE !

1.8.3 or Higher version of Spigot
Latest version of ProtocolLib

-Goto your server and create or load a world named 'lobby'.Name is very important mate.

-Make sure your spigot version is 'spigot-1.8.6-R0.1-SNAPSHOT'
-Make sure you make spawn-protection true and pvp false in two are very very important.
-After that put ZAO to your plugins folder and restart your server.
-Goto lobby world and use /zao admin,than selecet Lobby Spawnpoint.
-Use spawnpoint item(right click with it) to set spawnpoint
-Now lets make a Welcome Sign.Put a sign to somewhere and aim to sign.
-Type /zao welcome,and its ready.
-Now everything is set.Lets make some game signs.Put sign and aim them.
-Type /zao game and it is ready.
-Now you can create maps ./zao admin.
-Select 'Create a Map' and follow the three steps.

Commands & Permissions:
/zao lobby
Teleports player to lobby.No permission needed.
/zao admin
Opens the admin control panel.
'zao.admin' permission is needed.
/zao welcome
Command for creating a welcome sign.
'zao.admin' permission is needed.
/zao admin
Command for creating a game sign.
'zao.admin' permission is needed.
/zao givecoin <player> <amount>
Command for giving a player some coins.
It will work for offline players,but the player must be joined the server at least one time.This command can be runned from the CONSOLE.After the giving it will not send a message.I did this for BuyCraft or other plugins like runs commands from console.Like I said this will not give u a message.But it will log an info to the console '<sender> give <amount> of coins to <player>'
'zao.admin' permission is needed.

Dont you worry mate,I'm gonna sleep now.After the school I'm gonna put a tutorial video to here.

Also if you got any problems,i will help you,my skype is:zindev1

Some Important Things:
-If you use spawn protection in,lobby signs will not work on right click.Just make sure you did spawn protection 0.

-Some bug fixes
-Language options for some very very little things.
-Gonna add 2 gadget,2compass,2 trap(maybe more)
-I fixed tons of bugs but ZAO has a lot of bugs even now.After this update ZAO will have ZERO.
-Spectator Teleport Menu(Forget this again,Damn ! )

Terms Of Service
-Only use for your server.
-You can not sell it to anyone.
-You can not edit source of ZAO.
-You can not publish this to anyone.
-No Refunds
-ZAO is still in beta,dont make bad reviews such as errors and errors
-I can change the price anytime.
-You can not make chargeback.If you will,mc-market will ban you permanently.
EULA: Standard EULA
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Jul 11, 2015 Published
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