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ZeoBot // The Ultimate Discord Bot 3.0.3

The only bot you will ever need - moderation, tickets, music, levels and more!
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ZeoBot is a multipurpose Discord bot featuring all of the modules your server will love including moderation, tickets, XP, anti-raid tools, music and giveaways, for the cheapest price possible.

ZeoBot is very developer-friendly, with a custom addon-manager, developers, including yourself, can code custom features and specify your own dependencies using the advanced addon-manager.

ZeoBot is highly customisable, featuring complete embed and command editing, allowing you to configure ZeoBot to match your style or even translate it into a different language. Configure settings, permissions, commands, embeds and more in the detailed configuration files.

After purchasing, please join our Discord server to obtain your license key. All support will be provided through the Discord server, do not use the reviews section or discussion area for support. Feel free to suggest new features in our Discord server.

Installation Guide:
3.0.0 Upgrade Guide:

Supported Platforms:
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Pterodactyl

  • Supports commands in text channels, threads and voice channel chats
  • Command usage is displayed when using incorrect arguments to aid users
  • Panel selects have a change selection option, allowing users to re-select their current option without reloading their client
  • Long embeds are automatically paginated with buttons to switch between pages

  • Message filter: Add, remove, list and clear blacklisted words
  • Message command: Send messages to channels and DM members
  • Rename command: Rename channels
  • Topic command: Set a channel’s topic
  • Poll command: Create a reaction-based customisable poll with several different options
  • Setstatus command: Set the bot’s status interactively using select/buttons until the next restart
  • Ability to set a streaming status with customisable name and URL, useful for advertising a link
  • Addemoji command: Add an emoji to the server by typing the emoji directly or by providing an image URL

  • Anti Capital System: Customise percentage, phrase length and exceptions
  • Anti Spam System: Customise message cooldown and exceptions
  • Anti Invite System: Customise allowed invites and exceptions
  • Anti Emoji System: Customise emoji limits for messages and exceptions
  • Anti Mass-Ping System: Customise number of allowed pings and exceptions
  • Message Filter System: Customise words and exceptions
  • Auto Punishment System: Automatically punish users who repeatedly trigger auto-moderation systems using violation levels
  • Customise violation level reset time, number of levels added for each auto-moderation system and punishments to carry out when a violation level is exceeded
  • All systems check for message edits to prevent bypasses

  • Commands command: Enable and disable commands
  • Restrict general commands to a specific channel
  • Reload command: Reload the bot and configuration files

  • Tic-tac-toe command: Play tic-tac-toe with another user using buttons!
  • Coinflip command
  • Dadjoke command
  • Dice command
  • Eightball command
  • Trigger command
  • Rock-paper-scissors command

  • Creategiveaway command: Create a giveaway with customisable parameters
  • Cancelgiveaway command
  • Endgiveaway command: Forcibly end a giveaway
  • Rerollgiveaway command
  • Giveawayblacklist command: Prevent users from winning giveaways
  • Giveawayunblacklist command: Allow blacklisted users to win giveaways again
  • Giveaways save between restarts
  • Toggle giveaways module on and off

  • Help command: Use a select or buttons to view help information
  • Help information can be fully customised in commands.yml
  • Ability to customise help categories, including:
    • Order
    • Label
    • Description
    • Emoji
    • Button colour
  • Ping command: Check the WebSocket and bot latency
  • Roleinfo command: View information about a role
  • Userinfo command: View information about users even if they aren’t in the server
  • Serverinfo command: View information about the server
  • Uptime command

  • Invite tracker
  • Supports Vanity invites
  • Reward members with XP or a role
  • Invitesleaderboard command: View top inviters
  • Invites command: View how many people a user has invited
  • Send a configurable welcome message when a user joins
  • Send a configurable leave message when a user leaves
  • Give roles to users upon joining (after membership screening if enabled)

  • Warn, unwarn and warnings commands
  • Mute, tempmute and unmute commands with a customisable muted role
  • Timeout and untimeout commands
  • Kick command
  • Ban, tempban and unban commands, with the ability to delete any messages from the user sent within a certain number of days
  • Supports ban appeal links for bans and temporary bans
  • Paginated history and modhistory commands
  • Lock and serverlock commands, with the ability to lock text channels, threads and voice channel chats
  • Unlock and serverunlock commands
  • Purge and slowmode commands
  • Purgeuntil command: Purge all messages up to a specific message
  • Removepunishment command: Delete inactive punishments from the database
  • Ability to delete moderation commands upon execution
  • Ability to view warnings, history and modhistory after a user leaves the server
  • Logging for all punishments, including bot-based and manual
  • Message edit, delete and HTML based bulk-message deletion logging
  • Ability to blacklist channels from being logged
  • Member join logging including inviter
  • Configurable role persist
  • Automatically punish users when they receive a configurable amount of warnings
  • Users are able to view their own punishment history

  • YouTube based music system
  • Connect command
  • Disconnect command
  • Bot automatically leaves when there are no members in the voice channel
  • Play command: Supports searching, direct URLs and playlists
  • Select-based song selection
  • Customise result embed
  • Pause command
  • Stop command: Empties the queue
  • Rewind command
  • Fastforward command
  • Vote-based skip command
  • Previous command: Play the previous song
  • Shuffle command: Shuffle upcoming songs
  • Repeat command: Select between off, single or whole queue repeats
  • Queue command: See upcoming, current and previous songs in a paginated menu
  • Ability to display a customisable progress bar for the current song
  • Volume command
  • Removesong command: Remove a song from the queue
  • Restricts commands to only be allowed when a user is alone with the bot to prevent abuse
  • Ability to shuffle the queue upon repeating
  • Toggle the music module on and off

  • Reminder set command: Set a reminder for yourself
  • Reminder list command: List all your reminders
  • Reminder cancel: Cancel an active reminder
  • Reminders save between restarts
  • Configurable reminder limit
  • Allow certain roles to bypass the reminder limit
  • Toggle the reminders module on and off

  • Configurable selection role panels
  • Choose roles to apply using a select or buttons
  • Fully configure the selection role embed
  • Ability to have multiple selection role panels
  • Srpanel command: Deploy selection role panels
  • Srpanels command: View all available selection role panels
  • Configurable selection role confirmations

  • Allow users to submit suggestions via a channel or command
  • Suggestions can be sorted into 4 categories: pending, accepted, denied and implemented
  • Button based suggestion management
  • Editsuggestion command: Users can edit their own pending suggestions
  • Acceptsuggestion command: Accept a suggestion with a reason
  • Denysuggestion command: Deny a suggestion with a reason
  • Implementsuggestion command: Implement a suggestion with a reason
  • Customisable channels for suggestions including separate accepted, denied and implemented channels
  • Customisable upvote and downvote emojis
  • Customisable suggestion format
  • Set a cooldown for suggestions with exemption roles
  • Toggle the suggestions module on and off

  • Temprole command: Temporarily add a role to a user for a certain amount of time
  • Temproles command: View all active temporary roles for the whole server or for a specific user in a paginated embed
  • Temporary roles will automatically be removed when they expire or if the role is manually removed
  • Option to remove temporary roles from role persist if a user leaves to prevent exploitation
  • All temporary role actions are logged
  • All temporary roles save between restarts

  • New command: Create a ticket
  • Close command: Close a ticket
  • Forceclose command: Close a ticket without sending the ticket creator a transcript
  • Add command: Add multiple additional users to a ticket using buttons or reactions
  • Remove command: Remove additional users from a ticket using buttons or reactions
  • Resolved command: Mark the ticket as resolved, optionally mentioning Support Representatives
  • Ticket creator options: A button based panel in the ticket creation message allowing the ticket creator or Support Representatives to:
    • Add users to the ticket
    • Remove users from the ticket
    • Generate a transcript of the ticket
    • Mark the ticket as resolved
    • Each option can be toggled
  • Ticketpanel command: Deploy a configurable select/button based ticket creation system
  • Ticketsearch command: Search for ticket information by user or ID
  • Ticketblacklist command: Prevent users from opening tickets
  • Ticketunblacklist command: Allow blacklisted users to open tickets again
  • Notifications when tickets are inactive and when a user leaves
  • Togglenotice command: Toggle inactivity warnings on a per-ticket basis
  • Transfer command: Transfer tickets between different ticket categories
  • Completely configurable ticket categories including the ability to set custom ticket prefixes
  • Ability to set categories as non-openable, disallowing ticket creation for the category but allowing tickets to be transferred into them
  • Ability to set a separate ticket log channel for each category
  • Configurable ticket channel names (e.g. based on creator name, creator ID or ticket ID)
  • Configurable ticket limits and messages
  • Limit ticket creation to a specific channel
  • Full ticket logging featuring a HTML based ticket transcript, which look and feel like real channels
  • Ability to click on users in transcripts to reveal more information, including:
    • Full name
    • Discriminator
    • Member ID
    • Account creation date
    • Server join date
    • Message count from the user
  • Ability to view a channel summary in transcripts with information such as:
    • Channel name
    • Channel ID
    • Channel creation date
    • Total message count
    • Total number of participants in the channel
  • Ability to save ticket transcripts to a folder

  • Verify users by button or CAPTCHA
  • Automatically send CAPTCHAs to users on join, or via the verify command
  • CAPTCHA responses are automatically case-folded and similar characters are streamed into 1 for ease of use
  • CAPTCHA length can be customised
  • Assign a configurable role to verified users
  • Verificationpanel command: Deploy the button based verification system
  • Fully customise the verification messages
  • Customisable verification logs channel
  • Toggle the verification module on and off

  • An elegant card based XP system
  • Message-based XP earning system: configure lower and upper limit for XP earning
  • Customise the cooldown for XP earning
  • Customise XP multipliers for specific roles
  • Prevent users from earning XP in certain channels
  • Reward users with configurable roles
  • Xp command featuring an elegant rank card
  • Xpleaderboard command
  • Givexp, setxp and takexp commands
  • Setlevel command
  • Customise the rank card colour
  • Customise XP messages channel
  • Toggle the XP module on and off

  • Complete embed customisation featuring several placeholders
  • Set custom colours for all embeds
  • Set timestamps on all embeds
  • Set customisable footers on all embeds
  • Set the pagination limit for paginated embeds

  • Choose between SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Built-in database migration script for an easy upgrade from older releases
  • Customise the bot in settings.yml
  • Customise permissions in permissions.yml, allowing you to restrict commands to roles or even specific user IDs
  • Customise everycommand in commands.yml, including:
    • Cooldown bypass roles
    • General command channels
    • General command bypass roles
    • Command documentation: usage, short description, long description and example
    • Command cooldown
    • Command maximum concurrency
    • General command status
    • Command aliases
  • Customise every embed in embeds.yml
  • Customise every component (button/select) in components.yml
  • Customise Lavalink properties (advanced) in application.yml
  • Warnings if your configuration files are out of date
  • Use names or IDs for channels, roles and categories
  • Built-in update checker
  • Coloured console messages
  • Update dependencies using the --update-dependencies argument
  • Rich logging support: all console messages are logged to bot.log and all errors are logged to errors.log

  • Install approved addons from our Discord server to further expand ZeoBot’s functionality
  • Write your own features in using ZeoBot's addon system (documentation soon to come)
  • Specify your own dependencies to be installed
  • Built-in permission checking
  • Access to a database class allowing you to create and manage databases for your addon with no SQL knowledge needed
  • Full access to the core package including embed loader, commands & permissions system and core utilities
  • Utility functions to assist development: embed utilities, database initialisation, reload exclusion, pre-reload hooks and shutdown hooks
  • Ability to register custom help categories
  • Ability to override global error handler
  • Common exceptions are automatically handled

  • Applications module
  • Automatically closing tickets if user doesn’t respond in a certain number of hours
  • Tic-tac-toe Added!
  • MySQL support Added!
  • Full embed customisation Added!
  • Full command customisation Added!
  • Implemented suggestions category Added!
  • Timeout support Added!




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Latest reviews

Very slow support and crash all the time when setuping up selection roles and stuff. embeds doesn't even work and there isn't a proper documentation about the bot. **Not recommended**
really cool, had an error but owner fixed it without hesitation,
Thank you :)
This bot is crazy, Zingy listens to the community and implements most of the suggestions users leave. The support he gives is insane its fast, good.
To be short this is a MUST HAVE bot.
Thank you :)
Such an epic bot :> Good job zinger!
Thank you :)
AHHHHHH 10/10 best bot excelent support
Thank you :)
ZeoBot is a great bot for any kind of server due to the wide range of included features. I use it on a few servers and it works perfectly on them all. I've managed to reduce the amount of public bots I use and replace them with ZeoBot.
Thank you :)
ZeoBot is still a very good bot! I use this on multiple of my servers and I haven't had any issues. The bot works flawlessly and I would recommend this over any other self-hosted on the market, and even any public bot available. Good work zinger :D!
Thank you :)
It is really a very good bot, quite complete and top support :)
Thank you :)
5/5, has been working with barely any issues and any issues that were found were fixed by the developer. Would recommend.
Thank you :)
Really good support, awesome bot. highly recommended.
Thank you :)


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