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ZeoResponder | ZeoBot Addon 1.0.1

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Automatic responses, broadcasts and sticky messages!
ZeoResponder is a feature-packed ZeoBot addon which allows you to create multiple automatic responses, automatic broadcasts and sticky messages; perfect for support servers and community servers.

All messages are completely configurable and feature placeholders for expanded functionality.
For support or to suggest a feature, please join our Discord server.

You must have ZeoBot version 2.2.0 (or above) to use this addon. If you do not have ZeoBot, you can purchase it at

Send automatic responses to users:
  • Choose between 4 different trigger methods including regex support
  • Optionally ignore the message case
  • Specify the response channel or use the channel the message was sent in
  • Send a fully customisable response (embed, text or both)
  • Limit the response to the server only (will not respond in DMs)
  • Set multiple required roles for the response to be triggered
  • Set multiple allowed channels for the response to be triggered in
  • Optionally delete the triggering message
  • Optionally use Discord's reply feature
  • Optionally delete the response message after a configurable amount of time

Automatically send messages to channels:
  • Configure the interval in seconds between sending the broadcast
  • Option to only send the broadcast if the channel's last message was recent (useful for ensuring the channel is active before sending the broadcast)
  • Send the broadcast to multiple channels
  • Optionally delete previous instances of the broadcast when sending a new one

  • Set a sticky message for a channel, ensuring it is always the first message in that channel


Installation Guide:
Discord Server:
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This addon is very helpful in multiple circumstances! I highly recommend this addon.


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