chat color

  1. Vifez

    vChatColor v1.0

    vChatColor | 1.8+ Chat Color Welcome to vChatColor, A Multi-Version supporting Chat Color plugin, Providing all the neccessary chat colors allowing your players to look stylish in chat! vChatColor works using Permissions, To use a color you have to have it's permission and if you have operator...
  2. Kevin_Quick

    Quickchatv4 v4

    Es un plugin de chat para Minecraft diseñado para ofrecer una experiencia de comunicación sencilla y eficiente en tu servidor. Basado en el popular formato "lpc", este plugin proporciona una serie de comandos fáciles de usar que mejoran la interacción entre los jugadores. Con funciones como...
  3. tugg

    ColorPhrases v1.0

    ColorPhrases is a chat plugin designed to replace bland words with a colored variant. This plugin offers a unique donator perk you can sell on your store which doesn’t grant a Pay-2-Win advantage. You can either replace the words with a Hexadecimal color code or the default Mojang color codes...
  4. Black Triangle

    Chat Color GUI - Deluxe Menus Config v1.5

    Note: Buyers must verify their puchased to gain access to support This Chat Color Gui configuration is the best out there! Including 16 colors, and two rainbow colors to choose from. With more features coming soon. Player will excting when first time see that. Everthing easy to setup and...
  5. sores

    [Free] ChatCosmetics (1.7-1.8) | Open Source

    Intro: ChatCosmetics is a plugin that allows players to equip custom prefixes and chatcolors. This plugin uses MongoDB for it's data storage, I don't plan on adding any other form of storage. Mainly did this project to put on my github, but I've seen this type of plugin requested here and there...
  6. Omidius

    ChatColourX [1.12 - 1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.2.1

    Omidius presents... ChatColourX ✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦-=-=-=-=-=-✦ This is a lightweight plugin designed to allow players to open up a GUI and select their own chat colours! This plugin would serve really well as a donor perk for your server! Installation To install this plugin, put the ChatColourX.jar...
  7. Omidius

    Chat Emoji [1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.2.9

    Full emoji list here: Screenshots & pictures here: Full config. file here:
  8. kangarko

    ChatControl Red - Format & Filter Chat v10.24.6

    Announcement from kangarko: [ Click Here To Buy With Credit Card Or Crypto ] For customers from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, China or anyone not wanting to use PayPal. The most powerful, configurable chat management and filtering plugin out there. Java 8 or greater...
  9. AustinFRG

    ConvoManager v1.1.2

    Features: Anti-swear System Anti-spam System Mute Chat System Staff Chat System Clear-chat Command Color Code Chat Commands: /clearchat - Clears the chat. /convomanager help - Tells you the commands this Skript has. /mutechat - Mutes the chat so that only people with the bypass permission...
  10. IzzyK

    ⭐ UltraPlugin ⭐ Custom Magic | Multiplayer Quests | NPC Traits | Shop Plugin | Chat Plugin | More!!

    Link to the resource
  11. Sulphate

    ChatColor2 v1.7.2

    Description: ChatColor allows players to change the color and style of their chat to many different things! All the Minecraft colors and modifiers supported! Features: Change the color of yours or another player's chat to a huge variety of options! Choose exactly what you want to use, and type...
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