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  1. luisIngles


    Hey i am luis, i came here before looking for a unique already setup factions server. But nothing came out of it. As i understand there are a lot of scammers here, so going first would be only if the person has a highly reputable account. Well looking for some offers!!! BUDGET: [300$ - 500$]
  2. Questinq

    Server Icon and Voting Banners

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a person to make me a server icon (the ones you see on the multiplayer server list). I'm also looking for someone to make me one of those banners for my server that you see on voting websites (the moving one). Message me if you can provide either or both, and we can...
  3. MyBadDay

    Looking for setup

    I am currently looking for a gamemode setup but I wonder what would be the cheapest - Factions - Prison - KitPvP If you could also add how much would it cost I would like that (Feel free to suggest setups as well if they are cheap and working well)
  4. FadedMc


    Hello everyone of MCM we are in need of some YouTubers for a new Factions Server. Requirements: 500+ Subs Good Amount of Views Exceptions can be made. • INFORMATION • » IP : Play.FadedMc.Com » Versions : 1.8 - 1.15.2 » Trailer : Coming Soon » Discord : https://discord.fadedmc.com • FEATURES •...
  5. MixedElixer

    OP Factions Setup!

    Just looking for a custom OP Factions Setup, has to be exclusive. Price Range: $0-125.
  6. MattyPlaysMC

    THE SPIRE NETWORK | FACTIONS | (Staff Wanted!)

    The Spire Network A Factions Experience Like No Other Introduction Hello everybody, a lot of you don't know me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matthew, although I do prefer the name Matt, I am from the United Kingdom, I am 20 years old, my real life job is selling cars! Oh, and I'm...
  7. Swift

    COMPLETE FACTIONS SETUP ($20) (Custom plugins, premade configs, ALL setup! MADE $300+ in < WEEK)

    Hello, my name is Harley. I own a server that is currently up and running that I am selling. The server is called PurgePvp. I have decided to shut it down and sell copies of it for $20. It includes a lot of custom plugins, coded by me, premade configs, all permissions, ranks, kits, factions...
  8. NikoNasty

    Factions Discord Integrated Plugin/Bot

    Looking for a management bot that is also capable of relaying information in-game into our discord Discord. Things to be relayed in Discord: FTOP (updated every hour) Alerts (from our anticheat) Punishments (bans, mutes, ingame) Management features: Welcome message to every user who joins...
  9. kubson


    New lobby factions! size: 300x300 twitter: contact: discord: Arzes_#6496
  10. Zexoyo7118


    Hello iam Zexoyo, Ludagrabulja manager, Ludagrabulja have 3.5k subs, 700-1000 views per video/trailer, it is very infuential to his viewers and bring a lot of players to your server. I am willing to do: 1. Videos for your server/site/product etc. 2. Streaming for your server/site/product etc...
  11. ImJunior

    An UHCF Minecraft network (Minerift)

    Hello all, Today I will be the middleman for a friend of mine selling his MC-network. What is Minerift Minerift is a small (U)HCF Network with a decent sized community. After two maps (1-month maps) the owner decided to quit. Overall the server made $250 in donations. What it includes The...
  12. epiq.shiNNNzu


    Nowadays a lot of faction servers are boring and the same as any other. This resource offers a faction server that will stand out from the rest. There are numerous features that will make your players keep returning to your server: supply crates, crates, quests and reconfigured ranks. That is...
  13. Shab

    Looking for long term developer for factions

    Hi, as stated in the title I am looking for a long term developer for a faction server I am doing. Pay will be per plugin and I expect the developer to work part-time. I would rather not work with service teams but freelancers only. More information about this server will be discussed on...
  14. HedgehogCrowny

    13 SkyBlock Islands AND Spawn v2

    Info: Pricing: $1.35 USD Theme: SkyBlock Island / Spawn Supported Versions: 1.8+ Discord: HedgehogCrowny#5779
  15. Blauspot

    Factions Spawn (Affordable) (101x101)

    Factions Spawn For Sale Size: 101x101 + Small simple spawn + Affordable This build is EXCLUSIVE and it comes with full resale rights. PRICE Taking offers Interested in buying this build? Send me a message on discord! Evan#6010
  16. Krept


    WHO WE ARE! Chill Empire is an upcoming network consisting of a wide variety of game-modes such as Factions, Sky-Block, Prison, Survival, Arcade Games, and many more. We are creating a blockbuster server and we'd genuinely love for you to become a part of it. We decided to form the server...
  17. Sauts

    YouTuber• Complexity Factions

    I am looking for a decent youtuber to advertise my server trailer. We open in Friday! Willing to give free ranks/ in game items to views and depending on subscribers/views we can discuss prices for payments on PayPal etc. PLEASE only add me on discord if interested!! DISCORD: Devonn#0001
  18. epiq.shiNNNzu


    I sell custom factions spawn, ready to use right away. For more informations contact me on discod My discord: _Shinzu_#6598 My discord: _Shinzu_#6598 My discord: _Shinzu_#6598 Pictures:
  19. OGTrey

    Deleted please remove

    Deleted please remove.