1. Bismarck

    Household Cavalry Formal Pack v1.0

    Details The Household Cavalry is made up of the two most senior regiments of the British Army, the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals. This Household Cavalry Formal Bundle is for use in Roblox, for ceremonial and formal use, it includes key parts of equipment with state-of-the-art textures...
  2. Bismarck

    Household Division Cap and Beret Pack v1.0

    Details The Household Division forms a part of the British Army’s London District and is made up of five regiments of foot guards and two Household Cavalry regiments. The division is responsible for performing public duties and state ceremonies. These are PBR-designed berets and caps with high...
  3. LukyTechnology

    PaintBall | DARK HOUSE | Map v1.0

    PaintBall Map > DARK HOUSE 💵 Cost: $3.00 ✅ What does this map have? 2 Team Spawns (Red, Blue) Many roads in house and under house Some secrets One vehicle next to House Halloween Thematic 🎁 What you will get if you buy this map? You will get .zip file with schematic file and world file...
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