1. xExecutorx

    Fantasy / Natural 3 Portal, Floating Island Hub – by xExecutorx [22% OFF]

    Fantasy / Natural 3 Portal, Floating Island Hub Map name: "ѦՀЄГѺҬӉ" (Azeroth) *Please note: My vouches and/or customer feedback can be found on my building shop thread. Product Photos This is the photo album that I have put together for you. Here you can find proof of ownership, along with...
  2. Sooh


    Size: 300x300 Price: $50 USD Payment Method: PayPal Not available for PE version
  3. Daniel Naranjo

    Floating Island - Big Tree

    Hi there, I am a Minecraft builder with some years of experience, but hadn't decided to try the market until now. Because it is my first post in this forum, the map it's only $1 and $2 if you want it to be exclusive. Here are some pictures. If you have any question of want to give me some...
  4. xExecutorx

    3 Custom Skyblock Starter Islands Pack - by xExecutorx [Sellfy - *Discounted Halloween Island]

    Custom Skyblock Starter Islands Pack (3 total) Satisfied customers so far: 5 Product Overview As a small change/addition to what I'd normally sell (Faction spawns, Skyblock spawns, etc) I thought that it'd be fun to change things up and create something a bit different. Ladies and...
  5. RedPain

    [KOTH] Secret Island 80x80 2.50€

    Hey, today I bring to you another KOTH build. Hope you like it. Images: Examples sold: 1 Want a free sample? If you have more than 200 reactions, vouch me and you will recieve one! Vouch Samples: 3/3 BUY IT NOW FOR: 2.5€ If you want to buy this fantastic map, contact via PM in here.
  6. Vxga28

    Medieval Floating Island - EXCLUSIVE and Cheap

    You can get .schematic file and world file too. Price : $8 (PayPal via F&F) Skype : vxga28
  7. Puck178


    Hi MCM, I'm selling a wonderful vulcano prison ward. FOR ONLY 3$ INCLUDING a Wood mine & a mineral mine & mob-killing area leave a comment to contact me on skype! album: ofcourse the glass wall is not part of the build! I only used it to stop the water! all pictures from the album: Be...
  8. Tribal Turtle

    Custom KitPVP Server

    BIN: $250 Starting Bid: $50 Bid increment: $10 Hello Mc-Market today i'm going to be selling my custom KitPvP server I've spent along time working on. This is 1 server out of 4 i'll be selling on here mainly because of my lack of motivation and not having enough time to go through with...
  9. peraldon

    Island Clash is looking for a part time developer @ at least $12USD/hour

    We are back, back again. Who are we? Island Clash posted a hiring thread back in April with similar details, of which we got a plethora of great applicants from. However, since then our team has dropped back down in number due to University hoovering people up for the year. As such, we're here...
  10. DigitalUpdate

    Minevex | Sky Block | Custom

    Minevex Sky Block [!] SOLD [!] IP: None ENDED Selling » Server Files » Domain » Banner » Voting Websites Custom Features: » Custom Spawn » Treasure Chests (Idea from TheHiveMC) » Advanced Quests (Idea from Hypixel) » /Menu > Particles, Kits, Fireworks, Pets and Powerups »...
  11. The Golden Apple

    Tropical Island City Map | Spawn- PVP- Hungergames- Survivalgames [Detailed]

    Hello everyone, The last couple of days I have been working hard on a 512x512 Tropical Island Map for about 25 hours. It can be used as a Spawn, for PVP, Hungergames or Survivalgames or Minigame map! The map consists out of custom made terrain using Worldpainter, two suspension bridges with a...
  12. barteldvn

    Awesome Floating Island Hub/SkyBlock Spawn/SkyWars Spawn|HQ|Cheap!!

    200x200 Floating Island Hub Made by the ErionCentral Buildteam Please buy at my skype : thegriffindwarf The map -3 'Temples' with space for signs/info/other (Shops, Rules, Portals...) -Place to put up some info for Donations -Parkour -2 Hot air balloons And a few more little details (small...
  13. CodeAdam

    Skywars Map Only 1.00!!

    Hello mc-Market i am selling my skywars map i made because i love skywars! Price:1.00 People It Can Hold: 8 If you are the first to buy and you want to make this exclusive it would be 3.00 Skype or Pm me Keep in mine only 3 are being sold. TOS You can not resell anything i make with out my...
  14. ScreamBlueOfficial

    SPAWN FOR SOME SERVER - 15$, Chinese island with big building (diameter = 80)

    Hello guys! I would like to sell my spawn on some Server There are: Big chinese building, inside are places for 5 NPC or you can change it to whatever you want Board to sign e.g. play or info and more (size: 4x9) Respawn for players And custom objects Pictures' Spawn: Spawn costs - 15$...
  15. 1amDev

    Selling PvPIsland { KitPvP Server | Custom Plugins | Custom Map }

    PvPIsland Server PvPIsland is a KitPvP server that is highly customized and ready for anyone's battle on its mysterious and beautiful island map. The server has a custom built map that is big and just an amazing sight to see. The server comes complete with custom developed plugins and everything...
  16. TheLazyScarecrow

    Big dark fantasy faction spawn

    Hi, Here is a big dark fantasy themed faction spawn I built with Sak_Kraft . We are willing to sell it for around 150$. We are selling it exclusively. It contains : - A spawn room - Crates - An enchanting area - An anvil area - A shop area - A dark fantasy themed castle - A giant skull with a...
  17. T

    Floating Island Village!

    25€ via paysafe :) Here are the images:
  18. FloofsterMC

    PVP Island 65x65 W/ Pics!

    First Sale! I can suit to your needs if wanted. Perfect for small PvP, Factions, or even a skyblock servers! Features a small island approximately 64x64 blocks work 2 different teams. Red vs Blue. The map has blue having blue as a bit more dominant. I am totally willing to change to suit your...
  19. barteldvn

    Huge Antwerp Station Spawn Spawn HQ 200x200

    Antwerp Station Spawn 'The Central' By the Erion BuildTeam Pictures Info - The build was inspired on The Antwerp Train Sation (click) - Size Building 150x150x150 - Size Island+Building 200x250x200 - The Island can be removed and the central can be placed anywhere you like, I even made some...
  20. R

    Big medieval town on island | 725x790 | Exclusive

    Big medieval town on island 725x790 Price: $100 • Including landscape with hills, jungle, plains, pond, swamp (with a small wreck), fortress and town; • Has more than fifty buildings, every house has a unique interior; • Performed in a medieval theme. Island has gothic cathedral, castle...