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lobby setup

  1. Steki

    Nano HUB | MANY Features | CHEAP v1.2.3

    » A hub is the main part of the server where players choose which server to go from it, if you need small lobby or afk lobby for your server here you go! ⁍ SELECTOR | Transfer to other subservers: • Here you can choose on which server you want to join, and selector is 100% customisable so...
  2. skyout

    [ NEW] Lobby & Bungee Setup | Selector 50% OFF Menus Optimized Ranks Cosmetics v3.8

    This is a product that includes Lobby & Bungee Setup. SEMI PREMIUM MODE | Option to run your server in offline-mode! Premium players will be automatically logged in with use of this plugin while cracked players will need to register with their password. STAY SAFE | AntiBot & AntiVPN Our high...
  3. Ghast


    Best one you can find on Mc-Market! It contains a lot of features which are fully unique! If you have any questions about this setup, PM me! Here you can see all of the servers features! ⇨ Welcome ActionBar ⇨ Welcome Message ⇨ Amazing Pixel Art ⇨ Custom Particles ⇨ Leave...
  4. BreadBuilds

    Spawn - Cute Spawn - 350x350 v2.1

    Product information: Small but really detailed circle hub Size: 350x350 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Places for 4 NPCs (can be managed by you) Places for 2 Crates Places for server stuff Interiors Port with ships Small water parkour Small flower gardens Small square Village Few...
  5. Seta

    ⭐PREMADE HUB | HUB SETUP 15% OFF! SALE [5.00$]

    Join my Discord Server for more: https://discord.gg/Hg9AccG8ak ▼ Join our Discord Server ▼
  6. nidzoo


  7. Ghast


    Best one you can find on Mc-Market! It contains a lot of features which are fully unique! If you have any questions about this setup, PM me! 「 TEST SERVER 」 ⊳ SOON! ⊲ ┠ NO PREMIUM PLUGINS ┨ * x4 Staff Ranks * * Custom Motd & Hover * * Custom Welcome Message * * ScoreBoard * * Void Teleport...
  8. BreadBuilds

    Hub - Large Medieval Hub - 600x600 v2.0

    Product information: Large medieval hub with majestic houses Size: ≈ 600x600 Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Big square Two villages with interiors (one is large, second a bit smaller) Places for 5 NPCs (can be managed by you) Portal (can be removed by you) Places for server stuff Lots of...
  9. Saturne Service


    SERVER VERSION | 1.8.8 - 1.12 SERVER SOFTWARE | SPIGOT, PAPER, BUKKIT. Currently $7,49 99% CUSTOMIZABLE Animated scoreboard End disabled Nether disabled Game selector customizable NPC selector customizable Parkour & rewards No rain Crates system Beautiful designs Gadgets Particles Profile...
  10. Undeletable

    LOBBY & BUNGEECORD SETUP | Flame v7.0.0

    LOBBY & BUNGEE SETUP WITH AUTO LOGIN SYSTEM AND 40+ OTHER FEATURES • ⚙️ About Setup This bundle includes a Lobby (Hub) and BungeeCord Setup. Comes with a variety of popular features such as: queue, auto login, anti-bot protection, cosmetics, global ranks, and many more. Additionally, the...
  11. nbsf

    Lobby Setup Free v1.3

    Citizens has to be installed from https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/citizens.13811/ or https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/citizens Note add the perms for the selected ranks for gadgets menu
  12. Purdze

    [NEW] HUB SETUP | Music | Pets | Gadgets

    To purchase and view all images, click here! I present to you a beautiful hub that you can use for your server! If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to join my discord! https://discord.gg/dDHyQ6F Test Server: hub.elixir.host (4 Slots) Music: Select your music and even create a...
  13. Aquarium

    Aquarium Development - Seeking Testers for a brand new setup!

    We're going to be posting a lobby setup in the next few days, we're seeking some testers & reviewers to review the setup and search for bugs before we get an influx of sales. Requirements: Account Age Must Exceed 1 Month. You must be able to write a review. You must be able to download/run the...
  14. PremadeSetups

    Bungeecord & Lobby Setup v4.1

    Copy the ip deluxelobby.premadesetups.com ● Items Compass, Gadgets, Settings, Parkour Teleport Bow, Music and Lobby Selector ● Many servers in compass and useful information ● Settings ● Music ● Bungee announcer ● Adress limit One ip can't connect with more than 3 accounts...
  15. Bonsai.

    Giving away free copies of my brand new lobby setup

    So I'm giving away some review copies of my lobby setup; I'm looking for some honest reviews of the quality of the product. I'm not giving this to some 1 week old random account or something. Giving away a maximum of 10 copies. Looking for honest, detailed reviews. Not some 1 word "good"...
  16. Nikolaa_


  17. yasar

    (€5)✨Yellow Hub Setup✨⚡NPCS | COSMETICS | CHAT COLOR EDITOR | AND MORE!⚡

    --------------------------------------------- if you want a buy write me on discord Yasar#0493 price:(€5) ----------------------------------------------- ⚡SPAWN⚡...
  18. A

    Minecraft Servers

  19. PremadeSetups

    Advanced Lobby Setup v1.2

    Copy the ip: lobby.premadesetups.com
  20. Emissions

    UD | INCREDIBLE PRICES >> Top Notch Setups: Discord >> Minecraft >> and more! ⭐️