1. FairyDust62

    Northern Lights Spawn v1.0

    Northern Lights Spawn Product information: Very detailed Northern Lights Spawn Size: 220 x 220 Versions: 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Spawnpoint 4 places for NPCs 5 places for Crates Castle Trees Houses Reindeer Northern Lights and so much more.. Download: The product includes a schematic of the...
  2. Taboule

    Map sales

    Hello, I am selling 2 lobbies (one oriental and one in the fantasy theme) and 2 maps for Pvp Faction servers These are one time sales so once purchased you would have full rights to them
  3. FairyDust62

    Cherry Blossom Spawn v1.0

    Product information: Very detailed Cherry Blossom Village spawn Size: 250 x 250 Versions: 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Spawnpoint 6 places for NPCs 6 places for Crates Square Fountain Lake Cave Castle and so much more.. Download: The product includes a schematic of the spawn, so you will need...
  4. 24

    MMORPG Premade World - Lost Kingdom v1.8+

    WARNING This build is VERY LARGE. Please make sure to use the World File before the schematic. Before using, do: //gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 To prevent Leaves and illegal blocks from decomposing. 24 Studios Presents, "Lost Kingdom" This large build consists of: Theme(s)...
  5. PremadeSetups

    Unique Lobby Setup

    Click here to purchase!
  6. B

    eastern spawn v1.20+

    Eastern lobby/Spawn with a nice river with a bridge, houses and more.
  7. B

    oriental lobby v1.20+

    East lobby with NPC area, cute treehouses, and more
  8. B

    Spawn japones v1.20+

    Eastern appearance with a nice view, shopping area, boxes, beautiful houses and more.
  9. onnnnn

    Mangrove Spawn v1.0

    Mangrove Spawn Size - 120×120 Size Version - 1.20.4 Includes World file ReadMe.txt Letter.txt Important Before loading the world perform this command --> /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0. PREVIEW Support If you want help, so I will help to help you. Discord
  10. Storm Block

    Hub - Orange Kingdom - 450x450 v1.0

    📌Map information - 3D Model: Click Here Dimensions » 450x450 « - Map contains ❖ Place for 6 NPCs ❖ Spawn point ❖ Houses ( without interior ) ❖ Walls ❖ Port ❖ Ship ❖ Islands ❖ Forest ❖ Bridge ❖ Fire ❖ Castle ❖ Towers ❖ Big gate ◈ and much more... 📌Download Files 📚 Zip. File 🌐...
  11. fskryanttv_

    Ryan's Lobby Setup v1.0

    If you wish to see the setup for your self please feel free to join play.greenmanmc.net (1.16.5) and you will join right in the hub (This setup) Make sure to join the discord: https://discord.gg/74YNtSsa3V If you need help please join the discord and ask there, please do not leave a review...
  12. LinsaFTW

    AuthMe Premium v1.0.2

    AuthMe Premium is an addon for AuthMe that hooks into AuthMe Bungee to automatically sign-in (authentication skip) premium players that bought Minecraft. You can hook it into any authentication plugin installed in the Auth server. It will automatically detect premium players joining and make...
  13. B

    Lobby medieval v1.19

    Medieval castle with a ship, dragon and more.
  14. Pallux

    Spawn - Fantasy Flower Castle - 200x200 v1.0

    Ingame Spawn Preview This Build is working on 1.18 - 1.20.6
  15. Alasky

    Castle Dragon Hub v1.0

    · Size - 100x100 · Interiors - No · Version - 1.12.2+ It contains: spawn point many places for NPCs place for drawers wherever is convenient for you important to do /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0
  16. Epics

    New Spawn Aztec Spawn 400x400 Exclusive & resale rights

    Hi guys, today I bring you a spawn with the following features Size : 400x400 Theme: Aztec Exclusive and resale rights Price :$20 Contact: Marquito001 Pictures :
  17. 24

    Sunset Isle - Bedwars Lobby - 400x400 v1.8+

    Build Information: "Sunset Isle" by 24, Premium BuiltByBit Resource Build size Format Versions: 400x400 Schematic 1.8+ --> 1.12 400x400 Schem 1.13+, 1.19, 1.20
  18. 24

    Beach Bonanza - Spawn - 300x300 v1.8+

    Build Information: "Beach Bonanza" by 24, Premium BuiltByBit Resource Build size Format Versions: 300x300 World 1.8+ 300x300 Schematic/Schem 1.8, 1.12, 1.16.5, 1.20+
  19. FairyDust62

    Asian Temple Spawn 820x820 v1.0

    » Asian Temple Spawn « Asian themed Spawn Temple, Houses, Trees, Hot air balloons And so much more! – Version 1.20+ – Type of file .schematic – Size 820x820 Updates every now and then! IMPORTANT! Before loading your schematic: /gamerule randomtickspeed 0
  20. OriginBuilds

    Red Kingdom - 700x700 v1.0

    Lobby - Red Kingdom - 700x700 Information : ➔ Size : 700x700 ➔ MC version : 1.12 to 1.20.4+ Include : ➔ 5 NPCs ➔ 1 Portal ➔ 5 Crates ➔ Spawn Area ➔ Marketplace ➔ Farming Area ➔ 2 Boats ➔ Majestic Castle ➔ Beautiful Village What you'll receive : ➔ Schematic for 1.12 to 1.20 (paste with...