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  1. GabyTM

    MasterCooldowns v1.6.1

    The perfect tool manage the cooldowns for a rewards GUI and not only. Commands | Placeholders | Examples | Statistics If you enjoy the resource, please don't forget to leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review. Icon made by Freepik
  2. A Y H A M

    Unique Prison (Classic) 40+ CUSTOM CODED | Fully Customizable | Prestige Master | 34 Mines v2.3.1

    NOTE: THIS IS SETUP IS A CLASSIC VERSION OF MY ORIGINAL MODERN PRISON SETUP (ORIGINAL SETUP) Most of the information are taken from the orignial setup page with just few changes of this new version. This setup has no test server because it shares about 90% of the features of the modern version...
  3. GyuriX

    WorldBorderMaster v4.1.1

    With this leightweight plugin you can make per player and per group different world border settings. These world border settings also have an animation part for making the possibility for changing world border color switching in any kind of rate/speed. The supported world border colors are RED...
  4. GyuriX

    NickMaster v1.3

    NickMaster allows you to change your players skins and nick names very easily, safely and 100%-ly on the fly, so without any need to relog. For using the plugin you need to put the latest SpigotLib version to your server. It's also a good idea to use a GUI maker plugin, like ChestCommands...
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