staff chat plugin

  1. Vifez

    vStaffChat | Simple staff chat v1.0

    vStaff Chat | 1.8+ Staff chat Welcome to vStaff chat, An extremely simple staff chat plugin that provides all your needs for a staff chat, This is a very light weight plugin and wont take up much space on your server and will not decrease any performance at all since how small and optimized it...
  2. Brent_

    Easy Staff Chat Skript v1.1

    * The Skript plugin is required * Welcome to my staff chat skript page! This is a very easy-to-use staff chat skript. You can toggle staff chat. Meaning all the messages you send will be in the staff chat. You can also send a message in staff chat without toggling it. Permissions...
  3. Negative

    StaffChatPlus v1.0

    StaffChatPlus is a configurable staff chat plugin cool features! Commands /staffchat [(message)] /hush - Basically a staff chat visibility command /staffchatplusreload - Reload the config
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