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  1. hhitt

    GoldenTags | FREE | 1.8-1.19.x

    28 cosmetics custom for your server! Donation link: Premium version:
  2. Cupic

    DeluxeMenu & DeluxeTags Configuration! 1.1

    Allow players the ability to select an active "chat tag" based on the tags they have permission for! ♦ Alot of Tags ♦ Custom Tags ♦ Version 1.8 to 1.19 ♦ More tags each update You can not dispute/charge-back. You can not share this configuration to anyone. You can not claim it as your...
  3. XxPEEEPxX

    ⟪📌⟫ DeluxeTags Config ⟪🔥⟫ 21 Custom Tags 1.8 - 1.19.2

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a config for deluxetags with 21 cool tags that are each Customizable On download you will get a file and jar for deluxeTags and a folder and jar for deluxemenus which...
  4. nidzoo

    Survival Server Setup 1.1.2

    ✦ SURVIVAL SERVER SETUP ✦ This is native 1.19 Survival Server Setup which is also joinable with any version from 1.8.x - 1.19. I aimed to offer you the best without having to buy anything else, in this case plugins, server is made 100% of Free Plugins, except Citizens (Freemium) & ShopGUI+...
  5. Dotsis

    Astrian Spawners Premium Plugin 1.0

  6. ItzFabb

    [Exclusive + Resource Rights] | Selling 7 of my configurations

    Hey! I want to auction 7 items or resources I want to sell resource rights etc! BIN: €70 CURRENT BID: €40 AlonsoTags Custom Resource Pack Custom Sounds 150 Tags Custom Fonts RGB 1.16+ Deluxemenus 100+ Menus RGB A Shitton of menus basically 1.16+ ShopGUI+ RGB 1K Items Custom Fonts 1.16+...
  7. Liam

    The Prison Font Texture Pack 1.0

  8. Liam

    Ultimate Prefix Pack - Font Textures 1.0

  9. Hyronic Studios

    SUPREME-ICONS PACK | 100 Texture Icons 1.0.1

    Check out FabitHost (click), use HyronicStudios code for 10% discount. NOTICE: This is a configuration pack, not a plugin, please read the README carefully. ‎🚀100+ Icons: Yes, you heard it right, 100+ icons! And it does not even end there, as many many more are planned in the future...
  10. Kappios

    ⭐Atlantis Setups | DeluxeTags Config | w/ ~30 Tags | Custom DeluxeMenus ⭐[$3,99]

    Buy the resource here This resource which comes with ~30 tags will give your players a reason to donate or something to work towards. These tags will also enhance your server's chat and look good to new players. Because the default DeluxeTags plugin comes with an uncustomizable and quite bland...
  11. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Tags | FREE CONFIG 1.0

    ️ ❤️| DeluxeMenus Heart Tags | ❤️️ FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES: End of the resource. If you have any questions ask me on Discord: Semify#4477 Enjoy the menus!
  12. zmaddi


    ↳ ALONSOTAGS [Free] 》✅-alonsotags-1-8-1-17-•-unlimited-tags-textures-custom-model-data.83664/
  13. Essence Config

    🔥🔥 Deluxe Tags 47 Epic Tags EPIC CONFIGURATION [EN/ES] 🔥🔥 1.0.0

    If you need help or have any questions, you can enter our discord! We are always active answering your questions or helping you with something.
  14. R


    Characteristics: 90% of the plugin is translatable and configurable Super Lightweight ! EssentialX support ! DeluxeTags importer (check /robottags import) MySQL support ! HEX COLOR SUPPORT configurable on all the tags for the version 1.16 & 1.17 ING GUI SYSTEM (so you don't have to make one)...
  15. TheSaintOfGames

    100,000 Unique discord Usernames from any server

    Hello, I'm offering a service where you can get the usernames and tags of everyone in any discord server. Im not sure why you would want this but its available now. The data is collected on the day of request and formatted into either a standard .txt file or python list of elements. I can also...
  16. Smiil3_

    -|ZTM|- SkyBlock Setup | 5 Colors & More V1.3.4-STABLE

    *ZTM = Our brand "Zippo Team by" [1.19.2] | SKYBLOCK SETUP | RED-AQUA-LIME-YELLOW GRADIENT CUSTOM GUI | SKILLS | BITCOIN | TAGS & MORE.. 『 The most beautiful design ever made with a fabulous gradient in Minecraft 』 Server Software Version History 『 1.19.2 - Version | Update...
  17. Kappios

    [NEW]⚡ SkyBlock Setup⚡ | ✨MISSIONS BOOSTERS | CROPHOPPER | GRAPPLING | STATS | TRADE✨ 1.16.5 v3 beta

    THIS SETUP IS CURRENTLY UNDER BETA DEVELOPMENT FOR 1.16.5 MIGRATION. PLEASE REPORT ANY ISSUE YOU ENCOUNTER AS THIS IS STILL IN BETA. ✦ SKYBLOCK SERVER SETUP ✦ This is SkyBlock Setup built which contains bunch of Features. Main Server version is 1.16.5 but if you want to use it on 1.12.2 then...
  18. Negative

    Cosmetic Titles | MySQL Support 2.0.3

    Cosmetic Titles is a cosmetic tag plugin, compared to other plugins out there, you can have multiple forms of "tags"! In the form of prefixes and suffixes! Format: format: '<prefix>{DISPLAYNAME}<suffix>&7: {MESSAGE}' By Me (old) If you'd like your server to be listed here, please...
  19. Beanies

    Deluxe Tags 260 Custom Tags|Professional Configuration| [1.8-1.17] 1.3

    PRE-PURCHASE WARNING: Do not attempt to purchase the resource multiple times. It can take up to 24 hours before your account is granted access to download it due to delays with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN), and MCMarket receiving the confirmed payment notification. If for any...
  20. Juako

    [FREE] DELUXE TAGS PACK | 36+ Configurated Tags and Icons Tags 1.1

    36 Tags configured totally free! Would you help me by giving a positive review! Features: - Custom Tags - Custom Menu - Custom Descriptions - Custom Message - Simple and easy Permissions - Tutorial on how to install the configuration ⋆ Preview Tags And Menu ⋆ ⋆ List of tags ⋆ ⋆...
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