1. Levitate

    Levitate's DeluxeTags Configuration v1.0.0

    Overview: This DeluxeTags configuration includes a well thought out list of tags to fit your server's needs, all the tags are made to look clean and modern, with RGB/Hex color codes on everything and a stunning custom font. Installation: Go to your DeluxeTags folder and replace the config.yml...
  2. Immortal Studios

    Coinshop & Cosmetics - DM Config v1.1

    🪙130+ buyable items 🪙18 Menus 🪙Cosmetics Menus 🪙Ranks (Permission not setuped) 🪙 No premium plugins needed. 🪙Coinshop categorys: (Chatcolors,Eglows,Pets, particles,emotes,Perks, Backpacks,Crates keys,Tags,Hearts and claim blocks.) 🪙 Prevent Double buying (Unlike other coinshop configs this...
  3. Max.DEV

    Tags Manager v1.5

    Unleash the power of customization with our intuitive Tags Manager – your all-in-one solution for managing game overhead UI and chat tags. 🔆 Key Features: Seamlessly link group ranks to tags Connect individual players to specific tags Unlimited tag options for ultimate personalization...
  4. DarkPanda73

    RoyaleCustomTags v0.0.13 Alpha

    ◆ Create as many placeholders as you want Create new files related to new placeholders with the amount of tags you wish ◆ Customize the results of your placeholders Use a default value to be shown, or create tags with different kind of values up to your imagination ◆ Compatible with...
  5. Juzt

    SimpleX FREE Prefix Pack - English v1.0

    -CAUTION- This package exclusively comprises .png files that require uploading to your server. No configuration or editable files are included PREFIX PACK V1 - [ 14 HANDMADE PREFIX ] OWNER ADMIN MOD HELPER BUILDER BOOSTER FAMOUS PLAYER MVP VIP+ VIP STREAMER TIKTOKER YOUTUBER - DETAILS -...
  6. Juzt

    ColorLoops Prefix & Icons Pack + Config v1.3

    CAUTION This package includes ItemsAdder , Oraxen and TAB config. You don't need to make too much! :eek::p PREFIX PACK V1 - [ 14 HANDMADE PREFIX ] OWNER ADMIN MOD HELPER BUILDER BOOSTER FAMOUS PLAYER MVP VIP+ VIP STREAMER TIKTOKER YOUTUBER DEVELOPER - DETAILS - Each prefix is...
  7. NimoEkisde

    nPrefixes v2.0

    Discord Support: https://discord.nimodev.xyz Editable ↴ • All categories Names (Files) • All categories Item (Files) • All categories Item ID (Files) • All categories Lore (Files) • Vouchers (Files) • Create Prefixes (In-Game and Files) • Delete Prefixes (In-Game and Files) • Edit Prefixes...
  8. Trippyn

    Tags GUI | Free 10+ | Deluxe-Menu/Tags v1.1

    This is CONFIGURATION not a PLUGIN This configuration is made in DeluxeMenus. It contains 12 Tags. Only if u have correct permission you are able to have unlocked tag. Easy installation Made on version 1.20 Great addon for your server Hex colors supported In future more Tags are comming...
  9. ImMaxM

    Professional Pastel Rank Tags v1.0

    PROFESSIONAL PASTEL RANK TAGS 11 CLEAN TAGS: Player VIP VIP+ MVP MVP+ Media Helper Moderator Developer Administrator Owner Installation files for Oraxen are provided. This resource is also compatible with Itemsadder, you can use the .png files included to install the pack. Looking for a...
  10. Javiersylen

    7 Tags / Abovename PACK v1.0

    Description ENG - This is a customized pack set in the ranks of the League Of Legends video game. - It can be used as a tag, rank or abovename with the plugin Tab. - It is easy to config in your server, plug and play texturepack. The symbols used are the next ones: - Legend:🃛...
  11. LoneDev

    VanillaCustomizer v0.2

    What is this plugin? Customize the vanilla game items without touching them. All changes are only visual and won't interfere in any way with any plugin or game logic. Edit other plugin items in case the other plugin doesn't allow to change display name, lore, material, custom_model_data and...
  12. RealHighlander

    Better Ranks/Prefixes - ItemsAdder Ready v0.1

    Available ranks/prefixes (Total 16): Owner Admin Developer Builder Mod Helper Youtube Twitch UltraVIP MegaVIP VIP+ VIP Legend Hero Elite Player Ranks/Prefixes working with/without Optifine Our product is compatible with ItemsAdder/Oraxen and others Contact us for more information/help FILE...
  13. ArrowTan

    Deluxetags 190 Tags | Ph4ntom edition v1.0

    190 Custom-made Bright Tags! Easily Customizable Configuration! ✦ Custom Tags ✦ Need Assistance/Support Regarding the Resource or Payment?
  14. Mundi Design

    10x Banner Tags for Tebex - hand Drawn v1.0

    If you want to improve your store or make it more epic, here are these epic tags!
  15. Chris Graph


    Drag & Drop the ItemsAdder files in your plugin folder Make a /iazip (Reload your resource pack) & See all the ranks with /iaemoji command.
  16. Rastart

    Rank Tags and Icons - ItemsAdder v1.0

    Rank Tags and Icons are made and tested using ItemsAdders. Tested in Paper 1.20.1 Read everything before buying! Currently only support ItemsAdder for textures. Includes in this Pack: 12 Unique Rank Tags 12 Unique Rank Icons ItemsAdders Configuration (Drag & Drops) Guide How to use it with...
  17. dinnasty

    Asty-Ranks v1.0

    Pack of prefixes for your server. If you want something different on your server, bet on custom ranks, making chat more colorful and fun! Get the pack of 11 Ranks and 4 Symbols from Mycellium Atelier to give your server a new look. You can choose which one you want. The package includes: 1. 11...
  18. karlito1501

    DeluxeTags Config - 28 Tags & Custom GUI v1.0

    This Config for DeluxeTags and DeluxeMenu, works in all versions starting from 1.16 and higher FEATURES ✓ Custom Menu ✓ Custom Messages (Menu & Tags) ✓ 28 Gradient Tags ✓ Cool SoundPlay Buttons ✓ Cool Titles ✓ EASY SETUP Video about Menu SOME PICS if you have any questions please DM me...

    DeluxeTags Config - 250 Tags v1.0


    AlonsoTags Config - 250 Tags v1.0

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