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  1. Dimitris184

    † Requesting Staff In discord server! †

    Hello! I'm looking for staff members with experience to help me build the server (Code a bot if necessary) And be online at least 1 hour. !! Requirements !! Age: 14+ Hours To Moderate: At least 1 hour Be active! Positions: Admin(1) Builder(2) *For the Discord Server* Moderator(2)...
  2. Robert721

    Selling - CHEAP HUB SERVER

    Selling a cool & small & cheap hub spawn!:tup: BIN: $5 STARTING BID: $1 BID INCREASE: < $1 ENDS: Tomorrow, 3:00 PM - CENTRAL TIME TOS - PLEASE READ 1. You will read these, and follow them. 2. You will not claim this as "your build." 3. You will not chargeback/refund your purchase. 4. You will...
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