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Ores of Fortune
Community first | Mini-games | Creative and Survival | MMO with Quests

Do you miss the good old days, when Minecraft was all about building, hanging out with friends and meeting new people? Well, good news! So did I!
That's why, after not hosting a server for over six years, I've picked back up where I left it and decided to open a new server called Ores of Fortune.
I invited a few old friends from different servers, mods, developers and the like, and started from scratch.

Let me not waste your and my time. All staff positions in this server are unpaid and on voluntary basis.

About the server
Before you decide if you want to join, you should probably know a few things about the server and the intentions we have. We currently have a SMP world running. Protected lands, a city that will get more content added as we progress and basic plugins to improve QOL. The devs are working on some interesting plans to go forward with. We have a custom staff system in the works, linked Discord and Minecraft with automated ranks and are working on some cosmetics for donors.

In-game you can find a custom resource pack with custom blocks and items. We're working on custom NPC's next.
That's what we can offer right now. But along with that comes a great community, friendly players and (hopefully) kind staff. Gradually, we want to introduce more custom models and mobs to enhance the survival world. Think custom mounts that we can spawn with an item you earn in a dungeon. Custom items we can release by making server events to fight a group dungeon/boss, custom blocks for players to build with, handmade dungeons and POI's, etc. People will be able to build their own world, own bases, own farms, basically a stable vanilla SMP+. This would be the bare bones. All EULA compliant (no pay to win).

And then?
Eventually, when the server has a steady player base, the developers will be working on the back-end of something quite interesting. We will introduce a portal to an alpha world. Here players can hop on to play with some alpha custom stuff. The world is there to receive feedback, play test and give players a taste of what is coming: An MMO with custom quests, a pre-built world that integrates with the vanilla build-world through custom portals, custom items, music and sound-design.

How do you think you can manage this?
I've invited some very capable developers whom have been testing the waters on their custom launcher. They've figured out some pretty nifty things and had most of these features you read about above, figured out and working. I know the groundwork has been laid out. It's just a matter of time!

Alright, and why do you need me?
Rome wasn't built in a day, and definitely not by one player. While I am a fairly decent builder, and have some very capable friends helping out, I could use a little more help in some areas where we are... lacking. So I will sum up a list of skills we need:

  • Community managers
    Staff members who would love to build a friendly and welcoming community. Tasks include: engaging with players, teaching them the ropes when they first join, creating groups/clans and encouraging players to explore and interact with the world.
  • Communication and multimedia staff
    Tasks include: making content and putting it up on social media, help us grow a following on Instagram, make content for YouTube and TikTok. If you have more ideas, let us know!
  • Event Managers
    Tasks include: organizing events, listen parties, minigames and more to enhance the community feel.
  • Creative builders
    If you love building, we're always looking for players to create the world other players will be playing in.
  • Developers
    Rush free server that values your time. No deadlines, unless you ask for one. We've got plenty of ideas to work on still.
  • Quest Masters
    Do you know what it takes to make a compelling quest? Something more than just 'kill 100 zombies'? Then we're looking for you!
Do you not see a position here that interests you? Anyone who shows interest in working along us with this project could something to the table. If you think you'd be a good fit, let us know!

I think I might like this place, how do I reach out?
First, you can join our discord: https://discord.gg/43Qm4ZJ or shoot a message to Huismus#7777 (me) on Discord.
Let us know what you bring to the table. We love people with ideas, and are definitely open to them. Do you have a cool mini-game programmed, but no server to play it on? We got you! Do you have that building itch and want to make some cool shit? Hop on! Do you think you would be a great fit for the staff team? Let us know why!

We value players that show initiative. We don't have application forms, but are looking for involved players that wish to help us build this community. You won't apply today and become a staff member tomorrow. But you can tell us you're interested in playing, provide ideas and engage with the (still small but slowly growing) community.

Timeline of Ores of Fortune
As we mentioned before, we won't start big and crash hard. We start small, with big ideas. Enjoy the ride and see how far we will go. We put those ideas in writing, so here they are: (Not neccesarily in order)

01/04/23 - Server launched:
☑ Open SMP world with protected areas and grief prevention.
☑ Custom resource pack with custom items
☑ Custom blocks in-game
☐ Custom NPC's and Mounts
☐ Spawn is populated with things to do (rent a shop, non-p2w lootcrates, etc.)
☐ Basic quests and storyline
☐ Daily rewards for returning
☐ Custom cosmetics
☐ First server-wide event with custom items as reward.

TBD: Launch Arcade
☐ A seperate server connected with bungeecord with custom minigames.
☐ Personal parties, invite users to a party and play together

TBD: Alpha world MMO
☐ Release a new world where the player is put in adventure mode.
☐ Release +- 10 quests and storyline



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