✔️━━━━━━━━━ Liquidate Crypto/BNB! 5.25% + $5 Fee {Crypto->CashApp/PayPal/Google Pay}━━━━━━━━━ ✔️


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DiscordCrypto: https://discord.gg/jGQg2k8wZ8
Discord: Evolve#0001 (365538377941909524)

(Deals handled within 8 hours)
Looking to sell your hard-earned crypto but you don't want to do so on your own? No big deal, send me your crypto and I will liquidate it for you and send over funds immediately. Often people are looking to buy crypto but I have found many people are looking to sell their crypto for cash and just don't know where to go especially for Binance (BNB) Tokens or Defi Tokens. Now I can't liquidate "shitcoins" and pancakeswap coins as they are worthless. But you never know what I might be able to liquidate so reach out! If you're looking to buy crypto with CashApp please check out my post here: https://www.mc-market.org/threads/663587/

(Not everyone will need this service, some people may offer 1:1 liquidation. This is just a fast and easy way for those to not worry if someone is buying as this allows me to just liquidate their stock rather than buy it.)

Current Liquidation Rate Over $100: 5.25% + $5
Current Liquidation Rate Under $100: $10.50 Flat Fee

[you have] around $75 Crypto, [you get] $64.50 USD
[you have] $150 Crypto, [you get] around $137.00 USD

(Balance will always be rounded down to .00 or .50 marks)

Terms Of Service:
1 » Payments will be paid either in cryptocurrency or PayPal Friends & Family/CashApp/Venmo unless otherwise agreed on. We are not obligated to refund you if you do not follow this rule.
2 » Once paid, you may not cancel the order and aren't obligated to receive a refund unless otherwise agreed on. If you would like to request a refund, please contact me separately on discord.
3 » Attempts at PayPal/Venmo/CashApp reversals or disputes will be met with an immediate ban from the discord server (when made) and where possible (MC-Market). Any fees that are incurred during the dispute process may be sought after as reimbursement and personal info may be shared.
4 » The TOS may change at any time without any notice, it is your responsibility to check this before dealing.
5 » All payments are classified as non-refundable unless otherwise stated. If you break a rule that results in the cancellation of a paid service, it is our right to decline a refund/payout.
6 » Any payments will have to come from your own account unless otherwise agreed on.
7 » User agrees to allow me to tell them what to comment on a PayPal/Venmo transaction.
8 » User acknowledges that the wallet they provide is their own, if someone provides a wallet that is not theirs or is a wallet for a web purchase they will not be eligible for a refund. (common scam practice)
9 » We will confirm that the wallet is your proper address. If you confirm and then later say it is the wrong wallet, you will not receive a refund. (common scam practice)
10 » If paying with Venmo, the user agrees to issue a friend request before funds are sent to me. This is for security reasons and to help in not having the account flagged. It also provides a better case should you chargeback.

Accepted Crypto Coins:
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vouch, just done a deal with him - went smoothly and fast.. very good user to work with