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I've offered game development on here a few times in the past and here we are back again.
Looking to make a few projects to expand my portfolio. I can also export for desktop as well.

If you want a custom video game for yourself or to sell or to host on a site or whatever you want send me a PM with the details and we can figure out a quote for your project.

Portfolio is listed below, these games where made in GML and Unity. (Some may be outdated).

If you want to recruit me for you game project then please feel free to send a PM.

Please send a PM for anything. Don't spam the thread.

*I can provide custom assets for the game or you can give me some to work with. If I am providing the assets you will need to pay a fee to be able to use them commercially.
Source code is NOT included, $10K minimal price on top of other work for source code.

Please add me on discord or start a conversation here!
Discord: flamelier#7880

Currently OPEN!

I can now export games to Windows(Linux and MacOS should be possible but not tested), Web(HTML5/WebGL), Android, Amazon Fire, tvOS, and iOS. October 26 2022

Example Projects:
Battle Insanity:
Mobile multiplayer 2D battle game. Select a character, change your cosmetics and fight! Take the top of the leaderboard! Version: 2022.08.01

Tower Defense Prototype:

A prototype tower defense, new map(s) was made but not published for WebGL. https://computerwolf.com/games/TowerDefense/WebGL/

Lighting Up The World Game:
LUTW is a platformer 2D game. You play as a snowman in a ice world. I have plans to add more to this game or make a second game. I have exported the game into an .EXE installer and a ZIP, you can download either to play. Please let me know if you find any bugs, glitches or mistakes. Playable on Windows! Version: 2020.3.5.5
Webpage for game: https://flamelier.itch.io/lighting-up-the-world

Published Lighting Up The World to my website. So now you can play from your browser! https://flamelier.com/games/lutw/web/

Dino Run:
Dino Run is an infinite platformer 2D game. You play as a dino and need to avoid pterodactyls and cactus. This is a retake on the chrome game that shows up when there is no internet. There are two new items thrown into the game as well. Good luck! Version: 2020.3.1.1

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