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Systems Administrator

Please confirm on site before completing any transaction. I will ALWAYS do this, and not provide excuses such as "I was locked out of my Discord account." My Discord ID is #0001, and will ALWAYS be this due to Discord Nitro. No one else can have the same ending ID of a name. For people who have dev mode on, it's 740252635193540709. People can have the ID #0001, but it will not be my name. Be careful as they might change it to JasmineTheCat#0001 or using zalgo text/emoji's in their name to try and trick you into handing over your finances and setups.

I have had reports of people who are going around trying to cop out people and are being scammed consistently. To you two who are doing it to my clients giving me bad reputation just stop it. It's honestly pathetic.

Hi All,

I am here to provide middlewoman (middleman) services to all clients, businesses, and the wider community. Now I have all my services and vouches on my MCM profile and website, so be reassured that I am not the one to go off and cause a drama, scam out or any of that nonsense. For all MW services I provide below $100 is free, then I will charge an extremely low fee, which can be negotiated once required, along the lines of 10$ for over $300 deals, etc. For payment of fees if required, it can be done via PayPal, Crypto or any other means.

Many other middlemen do exist on the MCM platform, so if you are looking for someone more reputable, then please go ahead. Alternatively, if you are looking for someone who gets the transactions completed in an efficient and effective manner, then please contact me on Discord, MCM direct messages or another messaging platform.

I can middlewoman all services such as Minecraft & Discord servers/networks, domains, social media accounts and crypto currency, but note this list is not extensive. I am more than happy to discuss further if you are wishing to ask.

Please don't trash the thread if you are a better middleman. Please provide constructive criticism and positive advice to a new middlewoman starting to provide these services.

Any questions, please let me know.
Note: I store my trades in transaction numbers. If proof is required for any, please let me know.

$50 Discord - PayPal - MM0132
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