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"Custom Jars" became somewhat of an mc-market trend in the last couple of months with many people selling exorbitantly high priced forks claiming to fix all issues and improve every aspect of the game. Even though that's mostly false advertising, custom-tailored server executables are actually used by large networks, unlike "custom jars" which are mostly a waste of money.

How do they compare?
"Custom jars" are not customized to the recipient's server. This means that it won't improve performance a lot (because they are limited by a huge amount of possible clients which may not want a feature removed / highly changed), and are usually overpriced, because why not when there's a huge following asking for them.
Custom-Tailored jars permit the developer to take more drastic approaches to actually have a huge improvement. You need to take into account that all servers are different. While cannons may be the largest lag-source for one network, enchanting_table lookups may be the cause for another. This goes on with hoppers, spawners, etc. A custom-tailored jar actually focuses on those certain aspects and thus will have huge performance gains compared to something that is just slightly less limited than paper (or taco) by itself.

Debunking the myths
  • Will this fix lag?
    Depends on what you need to be included in the custom-tailored server software. I usually recommend doing performance tweaks in the server software once you remain without options by doing normal stuff such as tweaking spawns, fixing lag done by plugins, etc. You can improve performance via a custom-tailored jar. Unlike a "custom jar" that is premade, it will focus on actually laggy features that you encounter.
  • Will this be better than a plugin with the same features?
    Completely not. That's false advertising used by premade server jar sellers to make you pay more for less basically. If the code is the same, the performance will not change even if the plugin is included in the jar. If you want to pay 50$ for a premade jar to incorporate a free plugin into a jar, then go on; but it seems pointless to me in most use-cases

When is this worth it?
Best reason to invest into a custom-tailored jar is if you have an actual large network (with over 200 players) and you want to go over your current boundaries in terms of sustainable players. While I personally suggest investing into optimization before (I personally do it for cheaper than when actually developing a custom jar), and if that doesn't work then go to the lowest consumer which would be designing a customized jar.

My Experience
Unlike many "custom jar sellers", I've worked with actual enterprise networks and my work is still used on most of them. This is a more complete CV for you to check out and includes the networks I've done major work on.

My Prices
I'll be honest and describe how I make my prices so you can understand how to better optimize your request for spent money. No server owner should throw money at a person without knowing what he is going to purchase.
  • Initial price (when starting work): 50 EUR
  • Per-Hour Price (following that) - 25 EUR
This means that for 200 EUR, I'll work for around 6 hours doing your custom fork. I don't mind reusing past work I've done so no time will be wasted.

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