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⛰️️️️️️ Personal experience:

➤ Experience:
I love my work as Terraformer:
My name is Manuel Jesús common known as Hebara and I am the founder of Focus Terrain Art. This company of traditional and exclusive graphic design terraforming of Minecraft. We are not any other buildteam that says to know about terraforming and sell you the gold at diamond price. Mainly the company is formed exclusively by me, but in the future we will incorporate other available positions to offer the community our services easily.

It all started with my passion for this game, since version 1.2.5 (a long time ago). I started to develop architectural concepts and aesthetic beauty for the landscapes, to create houses on top of mountains, rivers, forests ... A few years later I was part of some Spanish buildteams and there I began to commission my projects. Over time I discovered that the building did not fascinate me so much, on the verge of my desperation I discovered the tool of WorldPainter, which I used to create my own terrain maps and helped other builders to build on them. Over time I developed skills with the program and with the help of WorldMachine I gave much more realism to my works.

Upon entering this BuiltByBit community I discovered that other people were offering their Terraforming services and I decided to open my services on March 10, 2016. Since then I have been offering my services to more than a thousand satisfied clients already. I am in a good relationship with the spanish and english community.

I still consider myself one of the older terrain designers of BuiltByBit but I am not the best for that. I think that I am still learning from WorldMachine and other content creators to develop my own skills, as well as developing my own personal skills.

I know how difficult it is to maintain a budget to create your own server easily, to have good quality maps without spending much. That is why I always like to contribute a creative and considerable vision with the customer. I like to listen, whether you are referring to the service or other reasons. I consider myself a really lucky person to be able to take this as a work-hobby since I really love doing terraforming and helping other people and that they thank you is the most rewarding thing in the world. I like to give the client what they are looking for, for the price they are looking for and at the specified time. I am quite punctual and attentive to the details. That is why I always try to provide the best version of me.

I was involved in many commissions projects thats why I decided to offer my services on BuiltByBit. I am really experienced on World Machine designs (a complex program system to create terrains for videogames),and sometimes I use Geoglyph, then I introduce those models on WorldPainter (Minecraft) to offer my customers the best quality

What is geoglyph? You can see the results of geoglyph on worldmachine:

As my slogan say: "Design, create, innovate your ideas" I am not here to work for you, I am here to invite you to work together.

➤ Customers and servers:
Here you can see some of the servers or customers that I have worked on:
Still adding more...

AncientRPG (, Asteroidpvp (
A-RUSH (, BruteWars (
Blockroyale (, Caribbeanmc (
Dominion (, First Dawn (
Fruit (, Frosted (
FruskyGames (, Ickcraft (
KingdomsOfArgus (, LavishIsles (
LukeBenDev ( or
LuckyFeed (, MadBlock (
MantaMC (, MC-Kingdoms (
Minerift (, Miragon (
NoZenPvP (, PrimalOrbs (
ElementalSkies (
Plebferlyfe (, RocketMC (
Rokucraft (, Sadonmc (
Sealcraft (, Skullwars (
Symbiotic PvP (Play.SymbioticPvP.Net), TeutoniaOnline (
TheArchon (, Tranquility (
VenusMC (, Vindex (
Zetacraft (
Still adding more...

➤ Render Artists:
All the renders taken from my projects and comissions were done by a huge amount of known and excellent freelance render artists:
➤ Vouches / Expectations:
People recommend my services, create your expectations:

Vouch for this user, he is extremely kind and a talented individual! :). I'm extremely proud to have him in my build team! :)

This is amazing omg you defiantly have talent ;)

Vouch for Hebara, Awesome terraformer and a Good person :D

Vouch for Hebara! Made me an awesome 500x500 terrain quick and its still high quality! Defiantly worth buying from him, quick, easy, and reliable! Vouch Vouch Vouch!!

VOUCH! Great guy to work with and so hopeful!

Dayum that quality went up quickly!

Vouch! Great Terrain artist to work with. Very high quality

Vouch, great guy to talk with, and a skilled terraformer.

HOLY SHIT these are really really good looking glws!!!!

Portfolio Looks great mate, good luck!

Huge vouch for our terraformer HebaraMC!! Really nice person to deal, good prices comparing to the quality of other terraformers and he is really professional! Why are you looking for other terraformers? Choose him!

A very big vouch to HebaraMC! CubeLeaf is proud to have his support and he is a extremely nice person to talk to, and makes very beautiful high quality maps! Vouch!

Cool stuff.

These are amazing

You are a great builder, great performance here ! Take care and good luck ^^

Out of all the Terraforming threads I have to say, these are definitely the best ones I have seen!

Big vouch for Hebara!

Vouch, you can trust almost anyone in Everbloom

Jeez, looks gorgeous!

Vouch.. Really tallented and great person to work with..!!

We are proud to have him on our team. He is our manager and is doing a great job here. Thanks and a huge vouch for him, really amazing terraformer and a good person to deal with!

Splendid work. I look forward to also possibly hiring you in the future.

Vouch !
Great job for me, professionnal and custom !

Wow! Amazing work and cheap!

this looks incredible!

These truly look spectacular and like something I've only seen by top-notch terrain makers! GLWS <3 <3

i cant vouch because ive never had any work done from you, but i think i will soon! this is probably the best terraoforming ive ever seen on mcm. well done!

Insane terrains, vouch :D

Vouch, made me hcf terrain and restarted when I didn't like it. Quality service!

Vouch - Very quick and good terrain

Super vouch

Vouch for Hebara!
Made an amazing map for my new server, it looks fantastic!
I definitely recommend him to anyone that's looking to get a custom map made.

Vouch ! He made me a 8k x 8k map, I find it just huge the work he does me! :D

Besides that, he is very calm and very professional. The prices are relatively cheaper. Seen my really horrible English it was sure to understand what I wanted :)

:)Vouch ! He made me an RPG Map 5k x 5k. Took some time, but he completely restarted the work from scratch to send me an incredibly better version than the first ! Nice !

He is a nice guy !

Vouch for Hebara, would recommend.

Vouch for Hebara, super sick terrains and amazing guy to work with!

Vouch for this user, he make the world is very good i like this team:)

wow... amazing.

These prices are just wow for the quality. :eek:

Sick thread design. GLWS!

Just amazing!

Nice work! I just sent you a email for a 20k x 20k commission.

All your previous builds look really nice!

The terrain looks really nice! I admire your work. :)

really nice

Vouch for this user, he is very kind and he responds very fast!

Was great to talk with, did my map very quickly and it was very good quality. I vouch for him!

I vouch for this man. Very professional, worked extremely fast, and did a great job. Very pleased and would order from him again.

vouch for him very good at his work and very fast aswell did a very nice warzone for me !

Vouch for this guy, excellent builds and prices.

Made me a siiick terrain in short time, recommend! :)

Very nice!

Amazing, might just contact you for a project I need

Ordered a map from him, was patient with explaining stuff and showed samples of the layout etc... Looking forward to the order to be done!

Your work is insane! I will keep your contact information for future occasions.

Amazing work.

Absolutely amazing work. Ordered a map for my server and it came out awesome. Would 100% highly recommend, prices are also really really good.

Vouch, was professional and accommodated to changes I asked for. Payments were also smooth and very fair. Would recommend!

Vouch, made one awesome 6k map for me <3

Really nice guys, really good to work with. Everything goes smooth, cheap and good. 11/10 would order again

very interesting

These look insane, GLWS.

Vouch! Purchased a 10k x 10k map. Hebara was very professional, good communication throughout this project, and genuinely cared and made sure I was happy with this project! Would highly recommend.

Vouch <3 this maps are great, hope we get one Avis

Vouch, he is the best at what he does! Made a 10,000x10,000 map for me, reasonable price, very friendly. 10/10. :-^)

High quality warzone build, patient and easy to work with, very happy with the end result.

These builds are sexy

Nice builds. I have a friend that might be interested in your work. I'll let him know!

✒️ Details about the service:
➤ Terrain details:
All my terrains are performed following specifications and rules:
The creation and edition of terrain using external programs requires previous knowledge about the programs that I usually use.

Worldpainter: is an external tool / program that allows the editing and creation of Minecraft terrains along with the edition of biomes and elements (rocks, trees or others).

To use this program I usually import a black and white image (it defines the depth and altitude of the terrain) coming from another program that is Worldmachine. Depending on the number of pixels in the image, Worldpainter creates a terrain with the same dimensions.

Worldmachine: is a terrain edition tool dedicated exclusively to videogame graphic design (not exclusive to Minecraft only).

These are the dimensions that are usually commissionable by clients, but can be ordered any size meanwhile they are multiples of 128 blocks:


*Block: is the essential unit of a cube inside Minecraft.
*Chunk: is the load measurement of the Minecraft maps. A chunk is formed by 256 blocks of height, 16 of width and 16 of length (16x16 blocks).
*Tile: is an expression used by external programs to work more easily with chunks of a terrain. A tile is exactly a mesh of 8 chunks wide and 8 long (8x8 chunks) or (128x128 blocks).

Why the terrain that you offer is not exact?
Normally terraformers use the expression 1k, 2k, 3k to refer to a certain type of size, but usually work with this type of programs limit the export of terrain. Usually the sizes that are worked are multiples of 128.
Why multiples of 128?
The programs that I use to work, the main unit of measurement are the tiles, that's why the maps can be 128, 256, 1024 blocks, etc. Working with other measures could bring malformations when creating the map, such as the appearance of empty chunks in areas where the tile is not exact.

Could be a terrain not exactly a square extension?
Yes of course, you can make even other forms with extensions like circles or rectangles. E.g a terrain with the sizes (1024x2048) or a (128x5120).

What Minecraft biomes are posible to add?
An actual vanilla Minecraft world contains around 62 different types of biomes (1.18 version) so I can make custom biomes using any of those existing biomes of any Minecraft version, also I can create any new biome from mods meanwhile the id of the biome is given. So in general you can create worlds with biomes you can decide.

➤ Deadlines & Price details:
Details and specifications about the hours of work and prices of my services:
The prices are based on how much time it takes me to create a map and to offer you the best quality enough. The prices and timeframes are subject to negotiation, so if you have a lower budget or any other required deadline we can discuss and get a good deal for both. These sizes/prices are the ''usual commissions'' that I get usually but you are free to ask me for other sizes.

After years of providing services to the community, I realized that the best viable system to offer services is through packages or groups of clients. Making a commission requires a lot of work, which is why the customer has the option to choose which package they require through the requirements. For example, it does not require the same time to make an 8k x 8k map with just 4 biomes than one with 60 biomes of the same size.

These prices finally obtained correspond to the standard package of services (Basic), x2.5 (Premium), x5 (Professional) and x10 (Master).



The prices shown are the exact prices that I offer through my services. These prices will depend on certain details that may change over time, meaning that these prices probably will not be the same within 6 months or even a couple of years (ask to the owner of the service for any possible change).
➤ Terms of Service:
By choosing my services, you are automatically acepting the following terms:

Interactions between members of the community are really frequent, so at the moment there is any dispute is important to clarify the roles and the responsabilities of each part. These responsibilities are not usually verbally discussed because would make interactions really extended so in this document we collected the key points.

These Terms of Service (TOS) provide a legal and friendly agreement between the seller of the service or product (the provider) and the interested party in the service or buyer (the receiver), in some cases would be a company or a group of buyers, they will be interpreted as a unit, but they individually have their responsibilities.

To ensure that the responsibilities are fair for both parties we focussed that our TOS fit with the BuiltByBit’s Merchant Agreement, is important for us that the receivers know that we provide legal responsibilities to the disputes if they appear, these TOS are applied for any member of the community is related with our services and products from BuiltByBit, Spigot or any other platform.

All the information related is on the PDF at the bottom of this thread.

➤ Payment & Comission Procedure:
If you are interested on my services you have to follow the next steps to start your commission:
  • Read the payment details and Terms of Service.
  • Initial payment (50% - 100%) as confirmation through Paypal invoice.
  • The service start, you will receive service updates and you can discuss observations or small changes during the process.
  • At the moment the product is done, a final payment must be sent in case there is any pending payment.
  • The product will be sent in .zip/.rar format through a download link for your review.
  • If the product requires minor changes, they can be made completely free of charge if they correspond to the initial requirements. If the changes exceed the expected, the service may be extended with an extra payment.

⌨️️️️️️ Interesting Facts:

➤ Normal questions and answers:
Common questions about my services:
  • How many time have you spent to learn all this terraforming process?
I spent like two years trying to understand how everything work in real life terrains but I am still working to learn more about terraforming.
  • Do you create your own resources like trees, rocks, bushes, ...?
No, all the resources I use are free to use from Planetminecraft, I do not create my own resources but if your service requires it I can order custom resources to a third party.
  • Do you create free maps or maps for vouch?
No, I think that my prices are relatively cheap to offer everyone my services, but you can even negociate me to get your map as cheap as I can offer you.
  • Do you create terrains in game or you can terraform in my minecraft server?
No, sorry. I only work with external programs and I am not offering my services in game.
  • Where is your vouch copy and your potfolio?
You can go to my portfolio clicking on the thread image or on the portfolio part of the description and for the vouch page, you can scroll this page to see all the awesome comments about my last customers ;)
  • What kind of size is the showed on your thread?
The sizes showed on the thread are related with an extension of a square, exactly that size is the side. Sizes are only given as the total lenght between each corner, is not the radius because this is not a circunference extension (You can ask for other extensions forms or sizes if you want.
  • Can I refund if I do not like the result?
All the customers have the right for a refund whatever is the circunstance, but as this is a service the only way to refund is only refund part of the payment paid due that have the service open requires costs.
  • Could I resell your terrains?
If you pay for a distribution license you will be able to resell the terrains to any other platform or users.

➤ My Workbench:
My workplace is where the magic is created:
My computer:
  • ATX Box
  • Power supply: 750 W
  • CPU: Micro Intel 1150 Core i7 4790 3.6GHZ 8MB
  • Memory: 2 x (DDR3 8GB PC1600 Hyper Fury)
  • GPU: Asus GForce Strix GTX 1070
  • Motherboard: PB Asus H81M-K USB 3.0
  • SSD Disk: 120 GB V300 Kingston
  • Hard Disk: 1TR 3.5'' Sata3
  • Double layer DVD rewriter
  • Internal card reader 22 in 1
  • Internal mini wifi card PCI
Average cost of the pc assembly: 1126.49€

My monitor:

  • 27'' Monitor Led Asus VS278Q HDMI MMedia
Average cost of the monitor: 210.74€

My devices:

  • Coolbox Kit Keyboard+Mouse+Mouse Mat Quasar Hyperion 29.99€
  • Headphones: Logitech G430 Gaming Surround Sound 7.1 51.25€
  • Webcam: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 2.0 74.95€
Average cost of the devices: 156.19€

Total average cost: 1493.42€

➤ My official services:
Focus Terrain art offers other services:


This contact information is provided in a only way to business purpose or other related enquiries.
By purchasing or requesting me, you are directly agree with the Terms of Service.
You may also contact me here on BuiltByBit via private message or via the following ways:

Discord: hebara
Twitter: @HebaraMC
Email: [email protected]

I will answer you in less than 12h!
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Turn your FOV down when you are taking pictures, or remove speed effects ( if you had those )


Top terrain service provider
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I cri :(
How much for something like PirateFactions warzone, with 3 koths a volcano one, a mountain one and a cave one.
Add me on skype and we can talk about the price and some details: xxmanolo133xx PD: the price depend on the size of the map


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I can create any kind of terraforming map.. hcf terrain, rpg maps, landscapes... I will increase the prices in one month so interested, this is a good opportunity to get your map with a good price! :)


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Ingame pictures? :/


Terraforming Connoisseur
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These are renders of the maps obviously. I prefer to upload images with higher quality rather than one without shaders
The images are not higher quality. If your terrain is good it should look good in default minecraft. If you only post renders without ingame pictures, you are probably then hiding a lot of flaws.