Impersonators: preventative info.

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Since people impersonating others is becoming pretty common, I'm going to be ahead of them and make sure people don't fall for any future impersonators of me there might be. Not sure if I'll ever be an interesting target for that, but lets not take the risk, shall we?

So, if you contact me for a deal, here's the best way to go about it.
PM me on here
That way, I'll know you're contacting me and I can give you my correct skype.

Check if its me:

That's me. If things look different, its not me. Please notify me on McM if you come across someone that looks similar but does not actually have ivain71 as skype identifier.

Third: ask me for my portfolio. My name on Imgur is the same as on here. If you get shown images by anyone else, likely not me.

Fourth: check my anti-scamming guide. If I don't mention the option to go 50/50 if you ask me for a way to pay that does not involve you going first, be careful.

I highly recommend anyone with a decent reputation on here who might be a SLIGHTLY tempting target to make a page like this in an appropriate place. Maybe we should all move these to introductions or something?

also, for ANY deals with ANYONE, check this thread:
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This thread has been locked.
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