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[SELLING] Passing the Torch: Oceanic Labs Team Seeks a New Owner!!

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Oceanic Labs Team Seeks a New Owner

Dear valued community,
As our journey with Oceanic Labs continues to unfold, we find ourselves at a crossroads brimming with both reflection and anticipation. Over the past nearly 2 years, we've poured our hearts and souls into crafting unparalleled Minecraft experiences, fostering a vibrant community, and building lasting connections with each and every one of you.

Yet, as life's currents shift, so must we. It is with mixed emotions that we announce our decision to explore new horizons and seek a new steward for Oceanic Labs. Our passion for Minecraft and our commitment to excellence remain unwavering, but the demands of our personal lives now require more of our attention.

With a customer base of approximately 250-300 individuals and a vibrant Discord community boasting 150 verified users, the legacy of Oceanic Labs is in capable hands. We invite serious inquiries from those who recognize the value of our brand, our community, and the dedication we've poured into every aspect of our work.

To facilitate discussions and inquiries, we encourage interested parties to reach out to us directly. Your input and insights will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Oceanic Labs, and we welcome your perspectives with open arms.

Rest assured, our dedication to you, our cherished customers, remains steadfast. Until we find a suitable buyer who shares our vision and commitment to service, we will continue to provide the support and assistance you've come to expect from Oceanic Labs. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are paramount to us, and we will not rest until we've secured a smooth transition for both you and our brand.

Thank you for being part of our story.
Join our DISCORD and open a ticket for discussion.

Warm regards,

Kallus & Kos
Co-founders of Oceanic Labs

Note: Our team has dedicated considerable effort to meticulously craft our setups.
We appreciate all offers, as long as they respect the integrity of our work and our brand name
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