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As you can see, My name is Theknockful. I have quite a lot of experience with running servers/forum administration/Staff manager and much more.

I started playing minecraft back when 1.2.5 came out. Since then, I had a great interest in servers. Soon after I began playing minecraft, I set up my own minecraft server. This, in my opinion, was quite a bad server, However, I do not regret it as I got the basic skills needed to run a server.​

Afterwards, I began playing a server called Woodycraft a lot. After playing for a long time, I made a staff application, and got accepted March 1st, 2015. I did an extremely good job on here, and quickly went up through the ranks. I did such a good job that I even have a letter of recommendation from the server, which can be shown if someone is interested.

Eventually however, I wanted to progress my skills, so I quit woodycraft, and set up my own server again. This time, I had a lot more experience, and actually set up a good quality server. I used the skills I gained from my first server, and woodycraft, and put them into practice. This again, was a great experience, as I gained the experience of being a staff manager, how to use xenforo and edit the forums, and just general admin qualifications.

How, as much as I enjoyed working for myself, I am interested again for working for someone else, as I really enjoy the communication between different members of a staff team.

Having all these skills, I do charge. This can be discussed, but I prefer one a month.

If you are interested in hiring me, send me a pm on the forums, or put your Skype below.

I look forward to working with one of you,

Note: I can provide proof of all my experience if needed, but preferably over Skype as it has personal details on it :)

My skype is: Thewalkingtato
This thread has been locked.
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