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*up to 50% SALE* [1.8.8] ImanitySpigot3 | #1 Enterprise Level Solution | Asynchronous Chunk Generation

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Java Developer with Stackoverflow

For Regular it will be 10% only
For Premium and Source you can get a discount up to 50% with the coupon code in our store!
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Is the Project that Imanity Team has been working on since June 2019... And we've started to recode the project since December of 2020.

In this recode we have been focused on:
  • Next-Generation Features
  • Heavily Optimizations
  • Great User Experience
After 6 months of continious development...
We are happy to release ImanitySpigot3!

Why ImanitySpigot3 is the more flexible, high level and revolutionary 1.8.8 Spigot based on the market?

ImanitySpigot3 is designed with performance and high configurability in mind. Most of the things we've done take into account configuration, ease of use, with easily understandable documentation.
Chunk's Asynchronous Generation is the most revolutionary feature on the market.
There is no other 1.8.8 Spigot that has managed to do this, and we have.
The most advanced knockback system with the most flexible editors. An extremely remarkable configurable knockback system when other spigots don't even document what their variable does.
Support from Java 8 to Java 17, opens even more possibilities for your server/plugin development, never limited under 7 year old software.
Full documentation covers knockback, developer API, commands and optimization tips, to give you the knowledge you need.
And much more.

There is no black magic behind it, it's the result of endless hours of development by ImanitySpigot3 developers.
We want to provide better software for the 1.8 community to improve the quality of the servers, and we will go further.

Every Features
All features from ImanitySpigot3

Additional Features
  • Advanced Knockback System
  • Java 8 to Java 17 Support
  • support, modern timing analyst interface
  • World filling processor, generate chunk within ranges with just 1 command
  • Vanish Patch
    • Can be configured
    • This will hide everything from hidden player to be invisible from the receive player's vision
    • Including every projectile, items etc
  • Custom block rule set, add custom type of blocks in world generation
  • Taliban Pearl, precise bounding box detection for the best experience
    • Example video:
  • Ender pearl anti glitch, prevent unexpected suffocation while pearling
  • ZStd compression library support, much fast and lighter compress algorithm
  • World region modification, modifying specified region to custom biome, remove water lakes or remove rivers
  • Entity movement cache, caching the data for entity movement to re-use in other entity
  • EXPERIMENTAL Server side hit detection, open the possibility to have custom reach in server side and eliminate reach hack
  • Updated Log4J to 2.13.3
  • Modern versioning and auto update system
  • Integrated artemis spigot SDK, better support for Artemis AntiCheat
  • Built-in /ping command
  • Built-in /setMaxSlots command
  • Built-in /pluginManager command
  • Built-in PacketHandler, listen to packet read / write without effort
  • Built-in MovementHandler, listen to movement with better performance
  • Ability to disable different variant stone in world generation
  • Ability to enable / disable biome types in world generation
  • Ability to change sugar cane rate / min height and max height in world generation
  • Ability to change cave's generate rate, large cave generate rate, min height, max height in world generation
  • Ability to disable chunk unloading
  • Ability to disable block operation (random block ticking)
  • Ability to configure max chunk generate per tick
  • Ability to configure max auto save chunks per tick
  • Ability to configure item merge range per item type
  • Ability to disable tnt/cannon entity from displaying to player, fps improvement
  • Ability to disable weather change
  • Ability to disable leaves decay
  • Ability to disable foot step sound
  • Ability to disable enable/disable water source
  • Ability to disable enable/disable lava source
  • Ability to change durability multiplier
  • Ability to hide IP address in console
  • Ability to made player instant respawn on death
  • Ability to enable old enchanting
    • 1.7 or older style's enchanting
  • Ability to disable mob AI
  • Ability to enable / disable TCP no delay
  • Ability to disable entity collision
  • Ability to enable / disable tab completing /version command
  • Ability to enable / disable player data saving
  • Ability to made ender pearl go through opened fence gate
  • Ability to made ender pearl go through tripwire
  • Ability to disable ender pearl from spawning endermite
  • Ability to choose region file compression type
  • Ability to pick Gson version (legacy: 2.2.4, modern: 2.8.7)
  • Ability to pick mysql connector drive version (legacy: 5.1.14, modern: 8.0.25)
  • Ability to pick netty version (legacy: 4.0.23.Final, modern: 4.1.60.Final)
  • Added World.setSpawn(Location location)
  • Added Chunk.getBlock(Location location)
  • Added Player.imanity().setCanPickupExperienceOrbs(boolean bol)
  • Added PlayerPickupArrowEvent
  • Added ability to disable drops in BlockBreakEvent
  • Added PotionEffectEvents, listen to potion effect add, extend, expire, or removal for no effort
  • Added PrepareAnvilEvent
  • Added Mob interface
  • Added Pathfinder APIs
  • Added Mob Goal APIs
  • Added Void world type
  • Added Fake Environment command and API

Premium Additional Features
  • Lag spike logger / detector, altert lag spike, tick time, timestamp, and timing entries when lag spike happens
  • Chunk Analyzer, profile chunks consuming server performance with detailed information
  • Ability to customize server mod name
  • Ability to customize /version messages
  • Ability to customize /tps messages
  • Ability to customize /ping messages
  • Ability to customize /plugins messages
  • Ability to customize /mobAI messages
  • Ability to customize no permission messages
  • Ability to customize pearl refund messages

  • Asynchronous Chunk IO and Generation
  • Asynchronous Entity AI Path Searching
  • Asynchronous Lighting Updates
  • Asynchronous Saving for persistent collections
  • Asynchronous Chunk loading when player join
  • Improved bukkit async scheduler
  • Improved BlockState array map
  • Optimized and different variants getCubes() for better performance
  • Optimized random block ticking operation
  • Optimized NibbleArray
  • Optimized Next Tick List
  • ASM code generation for event listener instead of reflection calling listener method
  • TNT entity merge system, reduce the load while massive amount of tnt powered up
  • Modern hopper algorithm, reduce itemstack cloning
  • Caching explosion block data, reduce block lookup
  • Optimized BlockPosition cardinal offsets
  • Optimized Portal travel agent lookup algorithm
  • Libraries are externalized, each library will be download indviually on first launch
  • Parallel entity tracking, send entity data to players using multiple threads
  • Asynchronous player data loading and saving, prevent lag for player data IO operation
  • Caching entity type count in world to reduce additional lookup
  • Redesigned random chunk ticking algorithm
  • Built-in Panda redstone algorithm, heavily optimised vanilla redstone
  • Light random algorithm, reduce load from java standard random
  • Reduced head rotation packet spam
  • Reduced Chunk Cache searching
  • Reduced double lookup chunks
  • Check lava only once per tick
  • Cache block lookup data
  • Send velocity packet immediately when hit occurs
  • Don't check bounding box in getCubes() if it's air
  • Don't teleport dead entities
  • Using HashMap on captured tile entities to improve lookup performance
  • Using HashMap for captured block states to improve lookup performance
  • Using ConcurrentLinkedQueue for chunk unload packet list
  • Using LongOpenHashSet for unloadQueue
  • Using ConcurrentLinkedQueue for server command list
  • Using shared random for entities
  • Safe shutdown in shutdown thread
  • Don't try to load / generate chunk for map item renderer
  • Clear loaded chunks when Bukkit.unloadWorld() to reduce memory leak caused by plugins
  • Queued auto save jobs to reduce load for auto saving worlds
  • Implemented PlayerAreaMap to reduce load of global player list
  • Prevent ray trace from loading chunks
  • Prevent path finding from loading chunks
  • Prevent unnecessary chunk load on PlayerInteractEvent calling
  • Store reference to current chunk for entity to reduce chunk lookup
  • Auto Saving and Chunk Unload Optimization
  • Improved Physics StackOverflow silence
  • Allow Oversized Chunks
    • Fixed oversized chunk duplication glitch
  • Consolidate flush calls for entity tracker packets
  • Prevent fire spreading load / generate chunks
  • Fixed Tile entity unload lag spike
  • Only process BlockPhysicsEvent if plugin is listening
  • Added Slack Activity Accountant
  • Improved algorithm for chunk tick list
  • Cache creature type in entity list
  • Avoid timing usage in xray while async
  • sendPacketNearby lookup player list from world

Source Code Improvements
  • Repackaged NMS Classes, no more messy nms classes in a single package

Bug fixes
  • Customize NBT Packet limit amount, prevent large nbt data crasher
  • Book exploit patcher, prevent server from book crasher
  • Fixed broken asynchronous usage by mojang
  • Fixed occasional client side unloading chunk at 0, 0
  • Fixed Login Listener NullPointerException from crasher
  • Fixed memory leak from EnchantmentManager
  • Fixed memory leak from WorldMap
  • Fixed memory leak from entity AI goal
  • Fixed inconsistent usage on view distance
  • Fixed Cancelling BlockPlaceEvent triggering physics
  • Fixed broken plugin nms compatibility in ServerConnection
  • Cache authenticator threads

Our prices and variants can be found on our shop here:
You can also find information about our licensing system in our documentation here:
As you can read above, ImanitySpigot3 has been supported and updated for over 2 years now. We have set up an active and professional support discord so you can enjoy the best experience possible, we also use GitHub to track and organize potential bugs or feature requests to be as efficient as possible. So as long as the product is on sale, we are committed to continue updating regularly and offer support to buyers.
Coming soon
ImanitySpigot3 is the most improved API spigot on the market, it will offer developers much more flexibility on your server, it has many tools and events that will facilitate your development. Details of our API can be found in our documentation.

Our large improved API in ImanitySpigot3 allow developers to easily create addons for the fork, you can find few very nice addons on our github:
You can purchase on our store a variant called "Source Code", this is designed for high level enterprise server or profesionnals servers with specifics needs.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of this variant:
  • Access to the source code of ImanitySpigot3 with updates
  • Source code updates in real-time
  • Access to experimental (or stable) features before everyone
  • Priority support
  • No licence restriction
  • Full control of the product for your server

This variant still follow our TOS, your are not allowed to sell the source code...

But, how does it work?

You have to know that we are using a system based on patches to organize well the code if ImanitySpigot3.
You will not have access to the repository (github) directly but to another one which will contain the code directly (thus without patch system). Every tiny modification or addition in the code follows conventions that will allow you to track our changes in case of problem. You will be able to find instructions, information and TOS directly in the README of the repository once you have purchased the resource.

ImanitySpigot has more than 400 customers, is there any reason why you should not be part of it?


Useful Links:
We are always available to respond to your questions on our discord server!

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If someone decides to buy the server jar, would you provide the source code if they asked for it? 🤔


Java Developer with Stackoverflow
At the moment? no.
In anywhere future? not sure.
At the moment, we are having trouble communicating with BuiltByBit staff.
They do not response to 3 of our tickets and it makes us very hard to make any decisions.


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Taliban Pearl dawg? naming the pearl system as a horrible group.


Taliban Pearl dawg? naming the pearl system as a horrible group.
That name's been around for as long as I can remember. The developers didn't come up with the name.
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