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  • If you already have a store on another site but wish to start selling here on BuiltByBit, we can assist you in transferring your resources over in order to get started as swiftly and smoothly as possible. We’ll reduce the setup time significantly and help you with any concerns you may have along the way, meaning you can start selling without having to worry about individually uploading all your files by yourself.

    Why should you migrate to BuiltByBit?
    BuiltByBit is an ever-growing platform for gaming-related resource authors with over 300,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners all growing their businesses on our platform.

    One of our highest priorities is seller safety, we do our best to offer as much protection to our resource authors as possible. We offer placeholders in all resource categories, allowing download information to be injected into the resource each time a download occurs, to assist with combating piracy and leaking, along with a download tracking page to help assist in combatting fraudulent chargebacks. When we transfer your resources over, we can assist you with setting up placeholders during the setup process of each resource and show you how to effectively utilise placeholders within each resource type. Please read our Resource Anti-Piracy Placeholders wiki for more information.

    How to get started
    To inquire about migrating resources to BuiltByBit, first make a ticket in which you link your external shop and let us know if you wish to have everything migrated over, or if you only require a partial transfer. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and get your resource migration underway.
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